Ca_08732 (Cicer arietinum)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source
PF00847 (AP2) IPR001471 Ca_08732 T006311_2.00 GigaDB (2015-Oct-22)

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
0.686 0.784
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
0.686 0.784
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.677 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
Ca_08732 AP2 43 95


Other AP2 family TFs
Other Cicer arietinum TFs

95 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
30190.m011119 Ricinus communis 30190.m011119 I 0.743
30190.m011120 Ricinus communis 30190.m011120 I 0.723
60638.m00016 Ricinus communis 60638.m00016 I 0.679
Aquca_012_00144 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_012_00144 I 0.687
Aquca_013_00434 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_013_00434 I 0.714
Aquca_013_00435 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_013_00435 I 0.704
Aquca_013_00436 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_013_00436 I 0.694
DREB1D Arabidopsis thaliana AT5G51990 D 0.686
Bo01335s010 Brassica oleracea Bo01335s010 I 0.677
Bo9g104770 Brassica oleracea Bo9g104770 I 0.686
Bostr.15774s0346 Boechera stricta Bostr.15774s0346 I 0.686
Bostr.7867s0360 Boechera stricta Bostr.7867s0360 I 0.687
Bra016763 Brassica rapa Bra016763 I 0.677
Bra028290 Brassica rapa Bra028290 I 0.686
Cagra.0094s0011 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0094s0011 I 0.686
Cagra.2248s0026 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.2248s0026 I 0.690
Carubv10027759m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10027759m.g I 0.686
cassava17064.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava17064.m1 I 0.723
cassava18935.valid.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava18935.valid.m1 I 0.689
cassava35062.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava35062.m1 I 0.697
cassava41192.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava41192.m1 I 0.707
cassava41218.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava41218.m1 I 0.694
Ca_02407 Cicer arietinum Ca_02407 N 0.703
Ca_03665 Cicer arietinum Ca_03665 N 0.704
chr2.CM0304.640.nd Lotus japonicus chr2.CM0304.640.nd I 0.736
Ciclev10021923m.g Citrus clementina Ciclev10021923m.g I 0.724
Cla006315 Citrullus lanatus Cla006315 I 0.686
Cla011674 Citrullus lanatus Cla011674 I 0.726
Cucsa.251030 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.251030 I 0.688
Cucsa.302750 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.302750 I 0.722
Eucgr.D01925 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.D01925 I 0.727
Eucgr.E00529 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.E00529 I 0.686
evm.TU.supercontig_74.84 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_74.84 I 0.698
gene13329-v1.0-hybrid Fragaria vesca gene13329-v1.0-hybrid I 0.684
gene32378-v1.0-hybrid Fragaria vesca gene32378-v1.0-hybrid I 0.741
GLYMA01G42500 Glycine max GLYMA01G42500 I 0.764
GLYMA05G03560 Glycine max GLYMA05G03560 I 0.802
GLYMA09G27180 Glycine max GLYMA09G27180 I 0.686
GLYMA11G19341 Glycine max GLYMA11G19341 I 0.706
GLYMA12G09130 Glycine max GLYMA12G09130 I 0.706
GLYMA12G30740 Glycine max GLYMA12G30740 I 0.689
GLYMA17G14111 Glycine max GLYMA17G14111 I 0.813
Gorai.007G010100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.007G010100 I 0.697
Gorai.008G243600 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.008G243600 I 0.719
GSMUA_Achr11G21630_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr11G21630_001 I 0.677
LjSGA_037211.1 Lotus japonicus LjSGA_037211.1 I 0.736
LjSGA_077560.1 Lotus japonicus LjSGA_077560.1 N 0.759
Lus10001871.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10001871.g I 0.694
Lus10006332.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10006332.g I 0.694
Lus10006334.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10006334.g I 0.694
Lus10017829.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10017829.g I 0.739
Lus10029601.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10029601.g I 0.694
Lus10029602.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10029602.g I 0.694
MDP0000154764 Malus domestica MDP0000154764 I 0.738
MDP0000198054 Malus domestica MDP0000198054 I 0.751
mgf017136m Mimulus guttatus mgf017136m I 0.694
mgf019061m Mimulus guttatus mgf019061m I 0.691
mgf026642m Mimulus guttatus mgf026642m I 0.691
MTR_4g102660 Medicago truncatula MTR_4g102660 I 0.799
MTR_5g010930 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g010930 I 0.771
MTR_6g465420 Medicago truncatula MTR_6g465420 I 0.690
MTR_6g465430 Medicago truncatula MTR_6g465430 I 0.690
MTR_6g465460 Medicago truncatula MTR_6g465460 I 0.680
MTR_6g465510 Medicago truncatula MTR_6g465510 I 0.680
orange1.1g026103m.g Citrus sinensis orange1.1g026103m.g I 0.702
orange1.1g029015m.g Citrus sinensis orange1.1g029015m.g I 0.723
PGSC0003DMG400004255 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400004255 I 0.742
PGSC0003DMG400012524 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400012524 I 0.695
PGSC0003DMG400012525 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400012525 I 0.734
PK23332.1 Cannabis sativa PK23332.1 I 0.684
Pm023769 Prunus mume Pm023769 I 0.717
Pm023772 Prunus mume Pm023772 I 0.754
Pm023775 Prunus mume Pm023775 I 0.742
POPTR_0001s08710 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0001s08710 I 0.728
POPTR_0001s08720 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0001s08720 I 0.702
POPTR_0004s19820 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0004s19820 I 0.681
POPTR_0012s13870 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0012s13870 I 0.697
POPTR_0015s13830 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0015s13830 I 0.691
PRUPE_ppa010800mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa010800mg I 0.742
PRUPE_ppa010909mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa010909mg I 0.766
PRUPE_ppa014628mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa014628mg N 0.682
PRUPE_ppa017761mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa017761mg I 0.722
PRUPE_ppa021197mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa021197mg I 0.717
SapurV1A.0045s0710 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0045s0710 I 0.707
SapurV1A.0282s0070 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0282s0070 I 0.702
SapurV1A.0282s0080 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0282s0080 I 0.707
CBF4 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_801637.1 I 0.686
Solyc03g026270.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc03g026270.1 I 0.706
Solyc03g026280.2 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc03g026280.2 I 0.704
Solyc03g124110.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc03g124110.1 I 0.700
Solyc08g007820.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc08g007820.1 I 0.708
Thhalv10015252m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10015252m.g I 0.686
Thhalv10027405m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10027405m.g I 0.687
VIT_02s0025g04460 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0025g04460 I 0.691
VIT_16s0100g00380 Vitis vinifera VIT_16s0100g00380 I 0.702