BRADI3G37890 (Brachypodium distachyon)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00096 (zf-C2H2) IPR007087 BRADI3G37890 T082016_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
0.759 0.884
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
0.759 0.884
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.755 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
BRADI3G37890.1 C2H2 ZF 104 125
BRADI3G37890.1 C2H2 ZF 125 151


Other C2H2 ZF family TFs
Other Brachypodium distachyon TFs

89 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
AtIDD14 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh2_kg.2__1036__AT1G68130.1 I 0.759
AtIDD16 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G25250 I 0.759
BGIOSGA011151 Oryza indica BGIOSGA011151 I 0.764
BGIOSGA030871 Oryza indica BGIOSGA030871 I 0.818
Bo2g134790 Brassica oleracea Bo2g134790 I 0.759
Bo3g139880 Brassica oleracea Bo3g139880 I 0.759
Bo5g043540 Brassica oleracea Bo5g043540 I 0.759
Bo6g097320 Brassica oleracea Bo6g097320 I 0.759
Bo6g106560 Brassica oleracea Bo6g106560 I 0.759
Bo9g070370 Brassica oleracea Bo9g070370 I 0.759
Bostr.0556s0022 Boechera stricta Bostr.0556s0022 I 0.759
Bostr.15697s0010 Boechera stricta Bostr.15697s0010 I 0.759
Bostr.26959s0085 Boechera stricta Bostr.26959s0085 I 0.759
Bra004050 Brassica rapa Bra004050 I 0.759
Bra004283 Brassica rapa Bra004283 I 0.759
Bra010981 Brassica rapa Bra010981 I 0.759
Bra017432 Brassica rapa Bra017432 I 0.759
Bra024771 Brassica rapa Bra024771 I 0.759
Bra026624 Brassica rapa Bra026624 I 0.759
BRADI1G68730 Brachypodium distachyon BRADI1G68730 I 0.764
BRADI4G31770 Brachypodium distachyon BRADI4G31770 I 0.818
Cagra.1111s0006 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.1111s0006 I 0.759
Cagra.2231s0014 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.2231s0014 I 0.759
Cagra.3834s0006 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.3834s0006 I 0.759
Carubv10009424m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10009424m.g I 0.759
Carubv10017254m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10017254m.g I 0.759
Carubv10020337m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10020337m.g I 0.759
Ca_22171 Cicer arietinum Ca_22171 I 0.759
Cla005913 Citrullus lanatus Cla005913 I 0.782
Eucgr.G02066 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.G02066 I 0.759
Eucgr.H00574 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.H00574 I 0.759
Eucgr.K02292 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.K02292 I 0.759
F775_43255 Aegilops tauschii F775_43255 I 0.764
GLYMA05G33590 Glycine max GLYMA05G33590 I 0.759
GLYMA07G12170 Glycine max GLYMA07G12170 I 0.759
GLYMA08G06130 Glycine max GLYMA08G06130 I 0.759
GLYMA09G30030 Glycine max GLYMA09G30030 I 0.759
GRMZM2G074032 Zea mays GRMZM2G074032 I 0.764
GRMZM2G110107 Zea mays GRMZM2G110107 I 0.818
GRMZM2G123094 Zea mays GRMZM2G123094 I 0.818
GRMZM2G141031 Zea mays GRMZM2G141031 I 0.818
GRMZM2G465595 Zea mays GRMZM2G465595 I 0.764
GSMUA_Achr5G23130_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr5G23130_001 I 0.782
GSMUA_Achr6G02490_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr6G02490_001 I 0.764
GSMUA_Achr7G18610_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr7G18610_001 I 0.758
IDD14 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G68130 I 0.759
LPERR03G08760 Leersia perrieri LPERR03G08760 I 0.764
LPERR08G14510 Leersia perrieri LPERR08G14510 I 0.812
LPERR09G08790 Leersia perrieri LPERR09G08790 I 0.818
mgf008235m Mimulus guttatus mgf008235m I 0.759
MLOC_57613 Hordeum vulgare MLOC_57613 I 0.812
OB09G18760 Oryza brachyantha OB09G18760 I 0.764
OBART08G17550 Oryza barthii OBART08G17550 I 0.812
OBART09G12250 Oryza barthii OBART09G12250 I 0.818
OGLUM03G09920 Oryza glumaepatula OGLUM03G09920 I 0.764
OGLUM08G18370 Oryza glumaepatula OGLUM08G18370 I 0.812
OGLUM09G12720 Oryza glumaepatula OGLUM09G12720 I 0.818
OMERI03G09110 Oryza meridionalis OMERI03G09110 I 0.764
OMERI08G14120 Oryza meridionalis OMERI08G14120 I 0.812
OMERI09G13410 Oryza meridionalis OMERI09G13410 I 0.818
ONIVA03G10380 Oryza nivara ONIVA03G10380 I 0.764
ONIVA08G19430 Oryza nivara ONIVA08G19430 I 0.812
ONIVA09G13010 Oryza nivara ONIVA09G13010 I 0.818
OPUNC03G09440 Oryza punctata OPUNC03G09440 I 0.764
OPUNC08G15410 Oryza punctata OPUNC08G15410 I 0.812
OPUNC09G10740 Oryza punctata OPUNC09G10740 I 0.818
ORGLA03G0094200 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA03G0094200 I 0.764
ORGLA08G0153600 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA08G0153600 I 0.812
ORGLA09G0092400 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA09G0092400 I 0.818
ORGLA09G0169200 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA09G0169200 I 0.812
ORUFI03G10000 Oryza rufipogon ORUFI03G10000 I 0.764
ORUFI09G13180 Oryza rufipogon ORUFI09G13180 I 0.818
OS03G0237250 Oryza sativa OS03G0237250 I 0.764
OS08G0467100 Oryza sativa OS08G0467100 I 0.812
Pavir.Ba02057 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Ba02057 I 0.818
Pavir.Fa00691 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Fa00691 I 0.818
Pavir.Fb01741 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Fb01741 I 0.818
Pavir.J12350 Panicum virgatum Pavir.J12350 I 0.764
Pavir.J40191 Panicum virgatum Pavir.J40191 I 0.818
PK17145.1 Cannabis sativa PK17145.1 I 0.788
Sb02g026230 Sorghum bicolor Sb02g026230 I 0.818
Sb07g022700 Sorghum bicolor Sb07g022700 I 0.818
SGR5 Arabidopsis thaliana AT2G01940 D 0.759
SGR5 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh2_kg.5__108__AT2G01940.1 I 0.759
Si029726m.g Setaria italica Si029726m.g I 0.818
Thhalv10004221m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10004221m.g I 0.759
Thhalv10009376m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10009376m.g I 0.759
Thhalv10018614m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10018614m.g I 0.759
Traes_4AS_2718699A7 Triticum aestivum Traes_4AS_2718699A7 I 0.764