mgf003961m (Mimulus guttatus)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source
PF00046 (Homeobox) IPR001356 mgf003961m T227684_2.00 JGI (2012-Mar-17)

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Medicago truncatula

Weirauch et al.(2014)
0.644 0.655
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.599 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
mgf003961m Homeodomain 458 512


Other Homeodomain family TFs
Other Mimulus guttatus TFs

28 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
AAB21580 Xenopus laevis AAB21580 I 0.000
AAB22139 Xenopus laevis AAB22139 I 0.000
AAEL014322 Aedes aegypti AAEL014322 I 0.000
AAL11024 Xenopus tropicalis AAL11024 I 0.000
AALB008334 Anopheles albimanus AALB008334 I 0.000
Aan_R003723 Calypte anna Aan_R003723 I 0.000
Aan_R006542 Calypte anna Aan_R006542 I 0.000
AARA002094 Anopheles arabiensis AARA002094 I 0.000
AATE018889 Anopheles atroparvus AATE018889 I 0.000
ACHR010174 Anopheles christyi ACHR010174 I 0.000
ACOM034431 Anopheles coluzzii ACOM034431 I 0.000
ACUA006973 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA006973 I 0.000
ADAC002492 Anopheles darlingi ADAC002492 I 0.000
ADIR010448 Anopheles dirus ADIR010448 I 0.000
AEPI006062 Anopheles epiroticus AEPI006062 I 0.000
AFAF001067 Anopheles farauti AFAF001067 I 0.000
Afo_R014556 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R014556 I 0.000
AFUN011634 Anopheles funestus AFUN011634 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG013129.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG013129.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG017419.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG017419.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG018754.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG018754.1 I 0.000
AMAM006832 Anopheles maculatus AMAM006832 I 0.000
AMEM001613 Anopheles merus AMEM001613 I 0.000
AMIN003460 Anopheles minimus AMIN003460 I 0.000
AQUA000514 Anopheles quadriannulatus AQUA000514 I 0.000
ASTEI05690 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI05690 I 0.000
Brh_R000054 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R000054 I 0.000
Brh_R006718 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R006718 I 0.000
CPIJ005345 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ005345 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ005345 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ005345 I 0.000
MYOD1 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000000054 I 0.000
MYOG Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000004818 I 0.000
MYF5 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000014431 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000012326 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000012326 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000013193 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000013193 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000018197 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000018197 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000000428 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000000428 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000007437 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000007437 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000017040 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000017040 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000001124 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000001124 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000005673 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000005673 I 0.000
MYOD1 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000002216 I 0.000
MYOG Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000006030 I 0.000
MYF5 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000026972 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000002868-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000002868-D1 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000007923-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000007923-D1 I 0.000
MYF5 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000005808 I 0.000
MYOD1 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000009066 I 0.000
MYOG Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000010309 I 0.000
MYF5 Choloepus hoffmanni ENSCHOG00000008319 I 0.000
MYOG Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000006443 I 0.000
MYOD1 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000009258 I 0.000
MYF5 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000019340 I 0.000
MYF5 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000007766 I 0.000
MYOD1 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000021351 I 0.000
MYOG Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000023459 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000003889 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000003889 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000004934 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000004934 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000014291 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000014291 I 0.000
myf5 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000007277 I 0.000
myog Danio rerio ENSDARG00000009438 I 0.000
myod1 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000030110 I 0.000
MYOD1 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000017164 I 0.000
MYOG Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000032549 I 0.000
MYF5 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000034747 I 0.000
Myf5 Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000015437 I 0.000
MYOD1 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000002132 I 0.000
MYOG Equus caballus ENSECAG00000015955 I 0.000
MYF5 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000020047 I 0.000
MYF5 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000011612 I 0.000
MYOG Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000011702 I 0.000
MYOG Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000003043 I 0.000
MYOD1 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000003979 I 0.000
MYF5 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000011255 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000000758 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000000758 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000002471 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000002471 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000010507 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000010507 I 0.000
MYOD1 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000004973 I 0.000
MYOG Felis catus ENSFCAG00000013108 I 0.000
MYF5 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000015011 I 0.000
MYF5 Homo sapiens ENSG00000111049 D 0.000
MYOG Homo sapiens ENSG00000122180 D 0.000
MYOD1 Homo sapiens ENSG00000129152 D 0.000
myog Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000000349 I 0.000
myod1 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000008444 I 0.000
myod1 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000017350 I 0.000
MYOG Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000000172 I 0.000
MYOD1 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000006216 I 0.000
MYF5 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000028091 I 0.000
MYOG Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000002115 I 0.000
MYF5 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000004366 I 0.000
MYOD1 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000008222 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000011389 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000011389 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000016963 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000016963 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000014430 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000014430 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000014874 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000014874 I 0.000
MYOG Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000013113 I 0.000
MYF5 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000016473 I 0.000
MYOD1 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000018353 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000002164 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000002164 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000010722 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000010722 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000010628 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000010628 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000014270 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000014270 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000015462 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000015462 I 0.000
MYOG Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000002212 I 0.000
ENSMGAG00000007210 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000007210 I 0.000
ENSMGAG00000011091 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000011091 I 0.000
MYOD1 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000005566 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000011211 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000011211 I 0.000
MYF5 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000004943 I 0.000
MYOD1 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000007940 I 0.000
MYOG Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000016127 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000000064 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000000064 I 0.000
MYOD1 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000006400 I 0.000
MYF5 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000011669 I 0.000
MYOG Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000001009 I 0.000
MYOD1 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000006749 I 0.000
MYF5 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000020478 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000004935 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000004935 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000011508 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000011508 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000013563 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000013563 I 0.000
Myf5 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000000435 D 0.000
Myod1 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000009471 D 0.000
Myog Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000026459 D 0.000
ENSNLEG00000005207 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000005207 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000018108 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000018108 I 0.000
MYOG Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000002107 I 0.000
MYF5 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000004853 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000015159 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000015159 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000025174 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000025174 I 0.000
MYOG Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000011548 I 0.000
MYF5 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000025477 I 0.000
MYF5 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000001039 I 0.000
MYOG Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000029573 I 0.000
MYOD1 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000029784 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000000077 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000000077 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000007897 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000007897 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000010796 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000010796 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000019313 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000019313 I 0.000
MYOD1 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000002390 I 0.000
MYF6 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000008999 I 0.000
MYF5 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000009007 I 0.000
MYOG Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000014753 I 0.000
myod1 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000000694 I 0.000
myog Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000015906 I 0.000
myf5 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000016257 I 0.000
ENSP00000228644 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000228644 I 0.000
ENSP00000241651 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000241651 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000011946 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000011946 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000016865 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000016865 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000020394 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000020394 I 0.000
MYOD1 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000001317 I 0.000
MYF5 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000001722 I 0.000
MYOG Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000006860 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000009843 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000009843 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000013532 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000013532 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000017279 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000017279 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000017488 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000017488 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000000338 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000000338 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000004800 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000004800 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000012000 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000012000 I 0.000
MYOG Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000001866 I 0.000
MYOD1 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000003406 I 0.000
MYF5 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000005261 I 0.000
MYF5 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000003336 I 0.000
MYOD1 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000012829 I 0.000
Myf5 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000004768 I 0.000
Myod1 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000011306 I 0.000
Myog Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000030743 I 0.000
ENSSARG00000002401 Sorex araneus ENSSARG00000002401 I 0.000
MYF5 Sorex araneus ENSSARG00000008217 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000013391 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000013391 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000016307 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000016307 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000017220 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000017220 I 0.000
MYF5 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000000937 I 0.000
MYOD1 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000013375 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000015475 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000015475 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000011556 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000011556 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000015810 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000015810 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000028049 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000028049 I 0.000
MYOD1 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000003438 I 0.000
MYF5 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000008363 I 0.000
MYOG Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000017364 I 0.000
MYOG Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000001380 I 0.000
ENSTGUG00000007755 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000007755 I 0.000
MYOD1 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000008814 I 0.000
myod1 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000002808 I 0.000
myog Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000007278 I 0.000
myod1 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000018793 I 0.000
myog Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000001200 I 0.000
myod2 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000014891 I 0.000
myod1 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000016609 I 0.000
ENSTSYG00000003282 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000003282 I 0.000
ENSTSYG00000009118 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000009118 I 0.000
MYOG Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000000710 I 0.000
MYOD1 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000013869 I 0.000
MYF5 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000014691 I 0.000
MYF5 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000001927 I 0.000
MYOG Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000010566 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000003931 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000003931 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000007430 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000007430 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000009780 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000009780 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000017496 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000017496 I 0.000
nau Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0002922 D 0.000
GA10192 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0070251 I 0.000
GF18746 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0095763 I 0.000
GG12413 Drosophila erecta FBgn0104701 I 0.000
GH13904 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0121380 I 0.000
GI24830 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0147551 I 0.000
GL13832 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0151437 I 0.000
GM23547 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0178413 I 0.000
GD18361 Drosophila simulans FBgn0189889 I 0.000
GJ24474 Drosophila virilis FBgn0211554 I 0.000
GK22777 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0224749 I 0.000
GE23932 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0241076 I 0.000
Gfo_R007711 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R007711 I 0.000
Gfo_R009107 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R009107 I 0.000
LCUP007809 Lucilia cuprina LCUP007809 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_MYF5_10034131 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_MYF5_10034131 I 0.000
Ogr08795 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr08795 I 0.000
Ogr16343 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr16343 I 0.000
PHUM424120 Pediculus humanus PHUM424120 I 0.000
Pvit_01710 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_01710 I 0.000
Pvit_15256 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_15256 I 0.000
Sjc_0011830 Schistosoma japonicum Sjc_0011830 I 0.000
myod1 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-1017498 I 0.000
myod1.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-1017506 I 0.000
myog Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-490105 I 0.000
myf5 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-493550 I 0.000
myog.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-6252382 I 0.000
myog.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-865934 I 0.000
myf5.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-866267 I 0.000