GSMUA_Achr3G24170_001 (Musa acuminata)
MADS box

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00319 (SRF-TF) IPR002100 GSMUA_Achr3G24170_001 T254375_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.783 0.783
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.700 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
GSMUA_Achr3P24170_001 MADS box 10 55


Other MADS box family TFs
Other Musa acuminata TFs

86 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
AAEL007205 Aedes aegypti AAEL007205 I 0.000
AAEL010221 Aedes aegypti AAEL010221 I 0.000
AAEL010222 Aedes aegypti AAEL010222 I 0.000
Aan_R000521 Calypte anna Aan_R000521 I 0.000
Aan_R010108 Calypte anna Aan_R010108 I 0.000
Aan_R011017 Calypte anna Aan_R011017 I 0.000
Aan_R015756 Calypte anna Aan_R015756 I 0.000
AARA006700 Anopheles arabiensis AARA006700 I 0.000
AARA006702 Anopheles arabiensis AARA006702 I 0.000
AATE018904 Anopheles atroparvus AATE018904 I 0.000
ACEP15030 Atta cephalotes ACEP15030 I 0.000
ACOC_0000198301 Angiostrongylus costaricensis ACOC_0000198301 I 0.000
ACOM041994 Anopheles coluzzii ACOM041994 I 0.000
ACOM042003 Anopheles coluzzii ACOM042003 I 0.000
ACUA013412 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA013412 I 0.000
ACUA016963 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA016963 I 0.000
ACYPI001275 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI001275 I 0.000
ACYPI005162 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI005162 I 0.000
ACYPI007068 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI007068 I 0.000
ACYPI008935 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI008935 I 0.000
ADAC009667 Anopheles darlingi ADAC009667 I 0.000
ADAC009674 Anopheles darlingi ADAC009674 I 0.000
ADIR008937 Anopheles dirus ADIR008937 I 0.000
ADIR008939 Anopheles dirus ADIR008939 I 0.000
AEPI004728 Anopheles epiroticus AEPI004728 I 0.000
AFAF009069 Anopheles farauti AFAF009069 I 0.000
Afo_R003802 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R003802 I 0.000
Afo_R005927 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R005927 I 0.000
Afo_R010915 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R010915 I 0.000
Afo_R011772 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R011772 I 0.000
Afo_R012680 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R012680 I 0.000
AFUN005542 Anopheles funestus AFUN005542 I 0.000
AFUN005544 Anopheles funestus AFUN005544 I 0.000
AGAP002235 Anopheles gambiae AGAP002235 I 0.000
AGAP002238 Anopheles gambiae AGAP002238 I 0.000
AGAP004228 Anopheles gambiae AGAP004228 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG000510.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG000510.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG009383.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG009383.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG012165.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG012165.1 I 0.000
AMEC008622 Anopheles melas AMEC008622 I 0.000
AMIN000838 Anopheles minimus AMIN000838 I 0.000
AQUA004264 Anopheles quadriannulatus AQUA004264 I 0.000
ASIS004778 Anopheles sinensis ASIS004778 I 0.000
ASTEI03428 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI03428 I 0.000
ASTEI03430 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI03430 I 0.000
ASU_12894 Ascaris suum ASU_12894 I 0.000
A_03682 Schistosoma haematobium A_03682 I 0.000
A_06368 Schistosoma haematobium A_06368 I 0.000
BGIBMGA002156 Bombyx mori BGIBMGA002156 I 0.000
BGIBMGA002157 Bombyx mori BGIBMGA002157 I 0.000
Bm6246 Brugia malayi Bm6246 I 0.000
Brh_R002912 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R002912 I 0.000
Brh_R003704 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R003704 I 0.000
Brh_R010580 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R010580 I 0.000
CapteG121659 Capitella teleta CapteG121659 I 0.000
CapteG149492 Capitella teleta CapteG149492 I 0.000
CapteG175842 Capitella teleta CapteG175842 I 0.000
CBG20056 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG20056 I 0.000
CBN00985 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN00985 I 0.000
CBN04531 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN04531 I 0.000
Cflo_11795--XP_001121273.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_11795--XP_001121273.1_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_11797--XP_001121244.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_11797--XP_001121244.1_APIME I 0.000
CGI_10013217 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10013217 I 0.000
CGI_10016670 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10016670 I 0.000
CJA00487 Caenorhabditis japonica CJA00487 I 0.000
CLEC001712 Cimex lectularius CLEC001712 I 0.000
CLEC001716 Cimex lectularius CLEC001716 I 0.000
Cmyd_10005188 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10005188 I 0.000
Cmyd_10009165 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10009165 I 0.000
Cmyd_10013849 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10013849 I 0.000
Cmyd_10014131 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10014131 I 0.000
CPIJ008348 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ008348 I 0.000
CPIJ008350 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ008350 I 0.000
CPIJ016033 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ016033 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ008348 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ008348 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ008350 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ008350 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ016033 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ016033 I 0.000
CRE13557 Caenorhabditis remanei CRE13557 I 0.000
csin108705 Clonorchis sinensis csin108705 I 0.000
csin112038 Clonorchis sinensis csin112038 I 0.000
D915_10341 Fasciola hepatica D915_10341 I 0.000
D918_08250 Trichuris suis D918_08250 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_24785 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_24785 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_28576 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_28576 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_52915 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_52915 I 0.000
DICVIV_06451 Dictyocaulus viviparus DICVIV_06451 I 0.000
DME_0000752601 Dracunculus medinensis DME_0000752601 I 0.000
EFV55318 Trichinella spiralis EFV55318 I 0.000
EmuJ_000215900 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000215900 I 0.000
GATA4 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000001912 I 0.000
GATA5 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000005064 I 0.000
GATA2 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000005811 I 0.000
GATA6 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000007786 I 0.000
ENSACAG00000007871 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000007871 I 0.000
GATA3 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000009109 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000006181 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000006181 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000012588 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000012588 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000012886 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000012886 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000015180 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000015180 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000017376 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000017376 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000002258 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000002258 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000003174 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000003174 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000005925 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000005925 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000017066 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000017066 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000017091 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000017091 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000004686 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000004686 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000005868 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000005868 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000010046 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000010046 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000015144 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000015144 I 0.000
GATA1 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000003184 I 0.000
GATA4 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000005425 I 0.000
ENSBTAG00000005734 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000005734 I 0.000
GATA3 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000017243 I 0.000
GATA2 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000019707 I 0.000
GATA5 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000047944 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000026265-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000026265-D1 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000026265-D2 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000026265-D2 I 0.000
GATA2 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000004143 I 0.000
GATA3 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000005019 I 0.000
GATA5 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000012709 I 0.000
GATA1 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000015572 I 0.000
ENSCAFG00000023151 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000023151 I 0.000
GATA4 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000029087 I 0.000
GATA3 Choloepus hoffmanni ENSCHOG00000005894 I 0.000
ENSCHOG00000011576 Choloepus hoffmanni ENSCHOG00000011576 I 0.000
ENSCING00000015930 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000015930 I 0.000
GATA4 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000004032 I 0.000
GATA2 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000011732 I 0.000
GATA6 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000020543 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000006054 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000006054 I 0.000
GATA1 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000007573 I 0.000
GATA3 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000008595 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000020105 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000020105 I 0.000
GATA6 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000026126 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000008607 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000008607 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000013203 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000013203 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000013423 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000013423 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000016070 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000016070 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000016941 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000016941 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000017663 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000017663 I 0.000
ENSCSAVG00000008200 Ciona savignyi ENSCSAVG00000008200 I 0.000
gata2b Danio rerio ENSDARG00000009094 I 0.000
gata1a Danio rerio ENSDARG00000013477 I 0.000
gata3 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000016526 I 0.000
gata5 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000017821 I 0.000
gata1b Danio rerio ENSDARG00000059130 I 0.000
gata2a Danio rerio ENSDARG00000059327 I 0.000
gata4 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000098952 I 0.000
gata6 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000103589 I 0.000
GATA4 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000023653 I 0.000
GATA6 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000040060 I 0.000
GATA3 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000042141 I 0.000
GATA5 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000044134 I 0.000
GATA2 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000045209 I 0.000
GATA1 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000046529 I 0.000
ENSDORG00000003801 Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000003801 I 0.000
WDR13 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000010542 I 0.000
GATA2 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000016768 I 0.000
ENSECAG00000020359 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000020359 I 0.000
GATA3 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000024574 I 0.000
GATA5 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000004590 I 0.000
GATA1 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000004598 I 0.000
GATA2 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000008156 I 0.000
GATA3 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000014897 I 0.000
GATA4 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000001670 I 0.000
GATA6 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000005525 I 0.000
GATA2 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000017410 I 0.000
GATA3 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000018559 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000001869 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000001869 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000002517 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000002517 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000006157 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000006157 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000007910 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000007910 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000010551 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000010551 I 0.000
ENSFCAG00000001058 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000001058 I 0.000
GATA2 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000006154 I 0.000
GATA1 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000010904 I 0.000
ENSFCAG00000015036 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000015036 I 0.000
GATA3 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000030265 I 0.000
GATA1 Homo sapiens ENSG00000102145 D 0.000
GATA3 Homo sapiens ENSG00000107485 D 0.000
GATA5 Homo sapiens ENSG00000130700 D 0.000
GATA4 Homo sapiens ENSG00000136574 D 0.000
GATA6 Homo sapiens ENSG00000141448 D 0.000
GATA2 Homo sapiens ENSG00000179348 D 0.000
GATA2 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000000801 I 0.000
gata5 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000003649 I 0.000
gata2a Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000009608 I 0.000
gata1b Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000010218 I 0.000
gata4 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000010274 I 0.000
gata6 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000017300 I 0.000
GATA5 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000005352 I 0.000
GATA2 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000005909 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000006726 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000006726 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000014976 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000014976 I 0.000
GATA4 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000016662 I 0.000
GATA5 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000000120 I 0.000
GATA2 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000006156 I 0.000
GATA3 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000006161 I 0.000
GATA4 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000010773 I 0.000
GATA1 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000023559 I 0.000
GATA6 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000024673 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000003544 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000003544 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000003817 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000003817 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000010832 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000010832 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000011374 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000011374 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000017743 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000017743 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000017988 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000017988 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000002547 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000002547 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000003074 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000003074 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000008938 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000008938 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000014444 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000014444 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000015208 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000015208 I 0.000
GATA4 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000002682 I 0.000
GATA3 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000002707 I 0.000
ENSLAFG00000007931 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000007931 I 0.000
GATA2 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000029178 I 0.000
GATA1 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000029714 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000000817 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000000817 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000001775 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000001775 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000014539 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000014539 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000014759 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000014759 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000015684 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000015684 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000010443 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000010443 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000014142 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000014142 I 0.000
GATA3 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000004516 I 0.000
GATA5 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000005744 I 0.000
ENSMGAG00000010008 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000010008 I 0.000
GATA4 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000014208 I 0.000
GATA2 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000016475 I 0.000
GATA4 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000002281 I 0.000
GATA3 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000008284 I 0.000
GATA5 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000000363 I 0.000
GATA2 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000005506 I 0.000
ENSMLUG00000005507 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000005507 I 0.000
GATA3 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000014819 I 0.000
GATA3 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000006944 I 0.000
GATA1 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000016464 I 0.000
GATA5 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000017584 I 0.000
GATA4 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000019208 I 0.000
GATA2 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000021371 I 0.000
GATA2 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000008048 I 0.000
GATA1 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000010099 I 0.000
GATA4 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000011997 I 0.000
GATA3 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000016735 I 0.000
GATA5 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000016774 I 0.000
GATA6 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000021492 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000001816 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000001816 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000005621 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000005621 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000007886 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000007886 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000013656 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000013656 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000016402 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000016402 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000017338 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000017338 I 0.000
Gata6 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000005836 D 0.000
Gata2 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000015053 D 0.000
Gata3 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000015619 D 0.000
Gata5 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000015627 D 0.000
Gata4 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000021944 D 0.000
Gata1 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000031162 D 0.000
ENSNLEG00000006806 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000006806 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000007871 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000007871 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000011952 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000011952 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000014320 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000014320 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000015042 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000015042 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000015926 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000015926 I 0.000
GATA5 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000004981 I 0.000
ENSOANG00000014037 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000014037 I 0.000
GATA3 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000015442 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000012017 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000012017 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000012728 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000012728 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000013941 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000013941 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000015228 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000015228 I 0.000
GATA4 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000002199 I 0.000
GATA2 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000008171 I 0.000
GATA3 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000017821 I 0.000
GATA1 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000025597 I 0.000
ENSOCUG00000025943 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000025943 I 0.000
GATA3 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000011371 I 0.000
GATA2 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000013538 I 0.000
GATA5 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000025085 I 0.000
GATA1 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000025595 I 0.000
GATA4 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000033776 I 0.000
GATA6 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000034042 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000000458 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000000458 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000009406 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000009406 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000013554 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000013554 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000017925 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000017925 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000019037 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000019037 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020297 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020297 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020338 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020338 I 0.000
GATA4 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000000153 I 0.000
GATA5 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000013119 I 0.000
GATA2 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000013303 I 0.000
gata2 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000001368 I 0.000
ENSORLG00000002378 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000002378 I 0.000
gata2a Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000007736 I 0.000
gata-1 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000013980 I 0.000
gata3 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000017122 I 0.000
gata4 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000017374 I 0.000
gata6 Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000017667 I 0.000
ENSP00000269216 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000269216 I 0.000
ENSP00000334458 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000334458 I 0.000
ENSP00000359576 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000359576 I 0.000
ENSP00000359576-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000359576-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000365858 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000365858 I 0.000
ENSP00000365858-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000365858-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000368632 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000368632 I 0.000
ENSP00000371772-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000371772-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000417074 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000417074 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000005346 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000005346 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000007820 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000007820 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000017368 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000017368 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000017468 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000017468 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000023402 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000023402 I 0.000
GATA2 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000001460 I 0.000
GATA1 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000007931 I 0.000
ENSPCAG00000009996 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000009996 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000003254 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000003254 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000003826 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000003826 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000008088 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000008088 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000010361 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000010361 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000012984 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000012984 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000015435 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000015435 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000015696 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000015696 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000022572 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000022572 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000003100 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000003100 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000006730 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000006730 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000002079 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000002079 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000009057 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000009057 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000011208 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000011208 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000013434 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000013434 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000018350 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000018350 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000020319 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000020319 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000003269 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000003269 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000004394 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000004394 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000008999 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000008999 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000011098 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000011098 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000013572 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000013572 I 0.000
GATA6 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000009913 I 0.000
GATA5 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000013711 I 0.000
GATA2 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000015355 I 0.000
ENSPTRG00000019993 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000019993 I 0.000
GATA3 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000023695 I 0.000
ENSPVAG00000004151 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000004151 I 0.000
GATA3 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000006514 I 0.000
GATA1 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000007638 I 0.000
GATA4 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000012952 I 0.000
Gata4 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000010708 I 0.000
Gata2 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000012347 I 0.000
Gata3 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000019336 I 0.000
Gata6 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000023433 I 0.000
Gata1 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000025534 I 0.000
LOC108348091 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000047663 I 0.000
Gata5 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000058983 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000000140 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000000140 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000006798 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000006798 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000010082 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000010082 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000012125 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000012125 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000016131 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000016131 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000018350 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000018350 I 0.000
GATA6 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000003702 I 0.000
GATA5 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000007538 I 0.000
GATA3 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000011125 I 0.000
GATA2 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000011618 I 0.000
GATA4 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000022383 I 0.000
GATA1 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000027237 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000001075 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000001075 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000006138 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000006138 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000010454 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000010454 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000020228 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000020228 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000026993 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000026993 I 0.000
ENSTBEG00000012146 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000012146 I 0.000
ENSTGUG00000007723 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000007723 I 0.000
ENSTGUG00000007879 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000007879 I 0.000
GATA6 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000010356 I 0.000
GATA4 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000013296 I 0.000
gata5 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000002769 I 0.000
gata3 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000003719 I 0.000
gata1b Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000007319 I 0.000
gata2a Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000011116 I 0.000
GATA2 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000014602 I 0.000
gata6 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000014837 I 0.000
gata4 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000016369 I 0.000
GATA2 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000010255 I 0.000
gata3 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000010450 I 0.000
gata4 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000012112 I 0.000
gata6 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000012674 I 0.000
gata1b Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000012781 I 0.000
gata2a Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000013693 I 0.000
ENSTSYG00000009547 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000009547 I 0.000
GATA2 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000000998 I 0.000
GATA1 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000004670 I 0.000
GATA3 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000005051 I 0.000
GATA4 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000011951 I 0.000
GATA6 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000013349 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000001837 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000001837 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000004186 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000004186 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000005969 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000005969 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000009238 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000009238 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000009577 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000009577 I 0.000
e_gw.27.106.1 Branchiostoma floridae e_gw.27.106.1 I 0.000
e_gw.714.25.1 Branchiostoma floridae e_gw.714.25.1 I 0.000
grn Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0001138 D 0.000
pnr Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0003117 D 0.000
srp Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0003507 D 0.000
GA17817 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0077826 I 0.000
GA21945 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0081930 I 0.000
GF11891 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0088931 I 0.000
GF16170 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0093192 I 0.000
GG16973 Drosophila erecta FBgn0109201 I 0.000
GG17473 Drosophila erecta FBgn0109698 I 0.000
GH18759 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0126226 I 0.000
GH19248 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0126714 I 0.000
GI22649 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0145377 I 0.000
GI24284 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0147007 I 0.000
GL12215 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0149822 I 0.000
GL23278 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0160868 I 0.000
GM24279 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0179143 I 0.000
GM26366 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0181219 I 0.000
GJ23061 Drosophila virilis FBgn0210163 I 0.000
GJ23378 Drosophila virilis FBgn0210479 I 0.000
GK12883 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0214892 I 0.000
GK13255 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0215264 I 0.000
GE24361 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0241482 I 0.000
GE24873 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0241970 I 0.000
GA26230 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0247604 I 0.000
GB50931 Apis mellifera GB50931 I 0.000
GB50933 Apis mellifera GB50933 I 0.000
Gfo_R000751 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R000751 I 0.000
Gfo_R005248 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R005248 I 0.000
Gfo_R006931 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R006931 I 0.000
Gfo_R012596 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R012596 I 0.000
Gfo_R015079 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R015079 I 0.000
HDID_0000180601 Hymenolepis diminuta HDID_0000180601 I 0.000
HelroG143547 Helobdella robusta HelroG143547 I 0.000
HelroG66090 Helobdella robusta HelroG66090 I 0.000
HHAL004187-PA Halyomorpha halys HHAL004187-PA I 0.000
HHAL004188-PA Halyomorpha halys HHAL004188-PA I 0.000
HmN_000801500 Hymenolepis microstoma HmN_000801500 I 0.000
HNAJ_0001025501 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0001025501 I 0.000
HPLM_0000721601 Haemonchus placei HPLM_0000721601 I 0.000
Hsal_03085--XP_001121210.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_03085--XP_001121210.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_03088--XP_001121273.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_03088--XP_001121273.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_03089--XP_001121244.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_03089--XP_001121244.1_APIME I 0.000
ISCW004992 Ixodes scapularis ISCW004992 I 0.000
KGM_02427 Danaus plexippus KGM_02427 I 0.000
KGM_20699 Danaus plexippus KGM_20699 I 0.000
KGM_20703 Danaus plexippus KGM_20703 I 0.000
L596_g10329 Steinernema carpocapsae L596_g10329 I 0.000
L596_g10330 Steinernema carpocapsae L596_g10330 I 0.000
L798_08379 Zootermopsis nevadensis L798_08379 I 0.000
L889_g17646 Steinernema feltiae L889_g17646 I 0.000
L889_g17647 Steinernema feltiae L889_g17647 I 0.000
L893_g2570 Steinernema glaseri L893_g2570 I 0.000
L893_g2572 Steinernema glaseri L893_g2572 I 0.000
L898_g30442 Steinernema monticolum L898_g30442 I 0.000
LCUP005548 Lucilia cuprina LCUP005548 I 0.000
LDEC012258 Leptinotarsa decemlineata LDEC012258 I 0.000
LDEC012259 Leptinotarsa decemlineata LDEC012259 I 0.000
LLOJ001303 Lutzomyia longipalpis LLOJ001303 I 0.000
LLOJ001304 Lutzomyia longipalpis LLOJ001304 I 0.000
LOAG_17191 Loa loa LOAG_17191 I 0.000
LotgiG129788 Lottia gigantea LotgiG129788 I 0.000
LotgiG69716 Lottia gigantea LotgiG69716 I 0.000
LotgiG78934 Lottia gigantea LotgiG78934 I 0.000
LotgiG86228 Lottia gigantea LotgiG86228 I 0.000
MCINX002410 Melitaea cinxia MCINX002410 I 0.000
MCOS_0000518701 Mesocestoides corti MCOS_0000518701 I 0.000
MDOA006386 Musca domestica MDOA006386 I 0.000
MDOA006696 Musca domestica MDOA006696 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_GATA1_10002526 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_GATA1_10002526 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_GATA2_10029915 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_GATA2_10029915 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_GATA3_10019938 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_GATA3_10019938 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_GATA4_10010262 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_GATA4_10010262 I 0.000
Myotis_brandtii_GATA5_10023491 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_GATA5_10023491 I 0.000
nDi.2.2.2.g02845 Dirofilaria immitis nDi.2.2.2.g02845 I 0.000
NEMVEDRAFT_v1g196609 Nematostella vectensis NEMVEDRAFT_v1g196609 I 0.000
nRc.2.0.1.g40955 Romanomermis culicivorax nRc.2.0.1.g40955 I 0.000
NV10922 Nasonia vitripennis NV10922 I 0.000
NV10928 Nasonia vitripennis NV10928 I 0.000
Ocbimv22019055m.g Octopus bimaculoides Ocbimv22019055m.g I 0.000
OESDEN_00825 Oesophagostomum dentatum OESDEN_00825 I 0.000
PHUM076820 Pediculus humanus PHUM076820 I 0.000
PHUM490230 Pediculus humanus PHUM490230 I 0.000
PHUM494280 Pediculus humanus PHUM494280 I 0.000
PPAI010311 Phlebotomus papatasi PPAI010311 I 0.000
PPAI010312 Phlebotomus papatasi PPAI010312 I 0.000
PPAI010313 Phlebotomus papatasi PPAI010313 I 0.000
PTRK_0000749300 Parastrongyloides trichosuri PTRK_0000749300 I 0.000
Pvit_11867 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_11867 I 0.000
Pvit_12273 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_12273 I 0.000
Pvit_15957 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_15957 I 0.000
Pvit_18171 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_18171 I 0.000
PXEA_0003736601 Protopolystoma xenopodis PXEA_0003736601 I 0.000
RSKR_0000079300 Rhabditophanes kr3021 RSKR_0000079300 I 0.000
Sakowv30019922m.g Saccoglossus kowalevskii Sakowv30019922m.g I 0.000
Sakowv30035567m.g Saccoglossus kowalevskii Sakowv30035567m.g I 0.000
SINV25316 Solenopsis invicta SINV25316 I 0.000
SINV25350 Solenopsis invicta SINV25350 I 0.000
SINV25366 Solenopsis invicta SINV25366 I 0.000
Sjc_0011620 Schistosoma japonicum Sjc_0011620 I 0.000
Sjc_0033280 Schistosoma japonicum Sjc_0033280 I 0.000
SMAR010987 Strigamia maritima SMAR010987 I 0.000
SMAR010988 Strigamia maritima SMAR010988 I 0.000
SMAR014527 Strigamia maritima SMAR014527 I 0.000
Smp_018590 Schistosoma mansoni Smp_018590 I 0.000
Smp_159560 Schistosoma mansoni Smp_159560 I 0.000
SMRZ_0001478501 Schistosoma margrebowiei SMRZ_0001478501 I 0.000
SMU15011685 Schmidtea mediterranea SMU15011685 I 0.000
SMU15012478 Schmidtea mediterranea SMU15012478 I 0.000
SPAL_0000662000 Strongyloides papillosus SPAL_0000662000 I 0.000
SPU_010635 Strongylocentrotus purpuratus SPU_010635 I 0.000
SPU_027015 Strongylocentrotus purpuratus SPU_027015 I 0.000
SSTP_0000675700 Strongyloides stercoralis SSTP_0000675700 I 0.000
SVE_0847100 Strongyloides venezuelensis SVE_0847100 I 0.000
T265_09717 Opisthorchis viverrini T265_09717 I 0.000
Tal_R004039 Tyto alba Tal_R004039 I 0.000
TC002315 Tribolium castaneum TC002315 I 0.000
TC010406 Tribolium castaneum TC010406 I 0.000
TC010407 Tribolium castaneum TC010407 I 0.000
tetur06g01500 Tetranychus urticae tetur06g01500 I 0.000
tetur11g02300 Tetranychus urticae tetur11g02300 I 0.000
tetur14g03020 Tetranychus urticae tetur14g03020 I 0.000
TMUE_s0014008800 Trichuris muris TMUE_s0014008800 I 0.000
TRE_0000147501 Trichobilharzia regenti TRE_0000147501 I 0.000
TRE_0000875401 Trichobilharzia regenti TRE_0000875401 I 0.000
TriadG59720 Trichoplax adhaerens TriadG59720 I 0.000
TTRE_0000086801 Trichuris trichiura TTRE_0000086801 I 0.000
elt-1 Caenorhabditis elegans WBGene00001249 D 0.000
gata1 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-484636 I 0.000
gata5 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-484906 I 0.000
gata6 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-485063 I 0.000
gata3 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-485930 I 0.000
gata4 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-487458 I 0.000
gata4.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-487462 I 0.000
gata6.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-6252341 I 0.000
gata1.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-6252666 I 0.000
gata5.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-6255488 I 0.000
gata4.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-6256576 I 0.000
gata5.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-864887 I 0.000
gata1.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-865107 I 0.000
gata6.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-865113 I 0.000
gata2.L Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-865147 I 0.000
gata3.S Xenopus laevis XB-GENE-865562 I 0.000
XP_002159183.1 Hydra magnipapillata XP_002159183.1 I 0.000
XP_002933110 Xenopus tropicalis XP_002933110 I 0.000
XP_002933111 Xenopus tropicalis XP_002933111 I 0.000
XP_002933112 Xenopus tropicalis XP_002933112 I 0.000
XP_002944363 Xenopus tropicalis XP_002944363 I 0.000
YQE_01723 Dendroctonus ponderosae YQE_01723 I 0.000
YQE_10376 Dendroctonus ponderosae YQE_10376 I 0.000