POPTR_0004s22490 (Populus trichocarpa)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00249 (Myb_DNA-binding) IPR014778 POPTR_0004s22490 T278274_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana

Mathelier et al.(2014)
0.755 0.849
Arabidopsis thaliana Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.755 0.849
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.661 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
POPTR_0004s22490.1 Myb 30 78
POPTR_0004s22490.1 Myb 84 129


Other Myb/SANT family TFs
Other Populus trichocarpa TFs

488 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
22516_YPR065W Saccharomyces mikatae 22516_YPR065W I 0.000
23192_YPR065W Saccharomyces paradoxus 23192_YPR065W I 0.000
A1O1_00170 Capronia coronata A1O1_00170 I 0.000
A1O1_07971 Capronia coronata A1O1_07971 I 0.000
A1O3_02036 Capronia epimyces A1O3_02036 I 0.000
A1O3_06089 Capronia epimyces A1O3_06089 I 0.000
A1O5_04108 Cladophialophora psammophila A1O5_04108 I 0.000
A1O5_13042 Cladophialophora psammophila A1O5_13042 I 0.000
A1O7_00275 Cladophialophora yegresii A1O7_00275 I 0.000
A1O7_09629 Cladophialophora yegresii A1O7_09629 I 0.000
A1O9_08621 Exophiala aquamarina A1O9_08621 I 0.000
AACERI_AaceriAAR026W Saccharomycetaceae sp ashbya aceri AACERI_AaceriAAR026W I 0.000
AACERI_AaceriADL331C Saccharomycetaceae sp ashbya aceri AACERI_AaceriADL331C I 0.000
AAEL000584 Aedes aegypti AAEL000584 I 0.000
AAEL000864 Aedes aegypti AAEL000864 I 0.000
AAEL000893 Aedes aegypti AAEL000893 I 0.000
AAEL004381 Aedes aegypti AAEL004381 I 0.000
AAG17026 Xenopus laevis AAG17026 I 0.000
AAH89283 Xenopus laevis AAH89283 I 0.000
AALB000575 Anopheles albimanus AALB000575 I 0.000
AALB003439 Anopheles albimanus AALB003439 I 0.000
AALB006390 Anopheles albimanus AALB006390 I 0.000
AALB009869 Anopheles albimanus AALB009869 I 0.000
Aan_R001913 Calypte anna Aan_R001913 I 0.000
Aan_R003759 Calypte anna Aan_R003759 I 0.000
Aan_R005071 Calypte anna Aan_R005071 I 0.000
Aan_R006554 Calypte anna Aan_R006554 I 0.000
Aan_R007717 Calypte anna Aan_R007717 I 0.000
Aan_R007922 Calypte anna Aan_R007922 I 0.000
Aan_R011580 Calypte anna Aan_R011580 I 0.000
Aan_R013461 Calypte anna Aan_R013461 I 0.000
Aan_R015288 Calypte anna Aan_R015288 I 0.000
AARA001217 Anopheles arabiensis AARA001217 I 0.000
AARA003819 Anopheles arabiensis AARA003819 I 0.000
AARA005389 Anopheles arabiensis AARA005389 I 0.000
AAT71996 Xenopus tropicalis AAT71996 I 0.000
AAT71997 Xenopus tropicalis AAT71997 I 0.000
AAT71998 Xenopus tropicalis AAT71998 I 0.000
AAT72000 Xenopus tropicalis AAT72000 I 0.000
AATE000638 Anopheles atroparvus AATE000638 I 0.000
AATE001130 Anopheles atroparvus AATE001130 I 0.000
AATE010587 Anopheles atroparvus AATE010587 I 0.000
AATE020420 Anopheles atroparvus AATE020420 I 0.000
AAY98914 Xenopus tropicalis AAY98914 I 0.000
AB07238.1 Alternaria brassicicola AB07238.1 I 0.000
ABY90180 Xenopus laevis ABY90180 I 0.000
ACEP10847 Atta cephalotes ACEP10847 I 0.000
ACEP13633 Atta cephalotes ACEP13633 I 0.000
ACEP16083 Atta cephalotes ACEP16083 I 0.000
ACEP18843 Atta cephalotes ACEP18843 I 0.000
ACEP21454 Atta cephalotes ACEP21454 I 0.000
ACHR006446 Anopheles christyi ACHR006446 I 0.000
ACHR007072 Anopheles christyi ACHR007072 I 0.000
ACLA_049990 Aspergillus clavatus CADACLAG00004890 I 0.000
ACOC_0000547801 Angiostrongylus costaricensis ACOC_0000547801 I 0.000
ACOC_0001078501 Angiostrongylus costaricensis ACOC_0001078501 I 0.000
ACOM022795 Anopheles coluzzii ACOM022795 I 0.000
ACUA014541 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA014541 I 0.000
ACUA015009 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA015009 I 0.000
ACUA028385 Anopheles culicifacies ACUA028385 I 0.000
ACYPI004663 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI004663 I 0.000
ACYPI005554 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI005554 I 0.000
ACYPI006194 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI006194 I 0.000
ACYPI006619 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI006619 I 0.000
ACYPI008614 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI008614 I 0.000
ACYPI51262 Acyrthosiphon pisum ACYPI51262 I 0.000
ADAC006830 Anopheles darlingi ADAC006830 I 0.000
ADAC008955 Anopheles darlingi ADAC008955 I 0.000
ADAC008993 Anopheles darlingi ADAC008993 I 0.000
ADIR003322 Anopheles dirus ADIR003322 I 0.000
ADIR005629 Anopheles dirus ADIR005629 I 0.000
ADIR009343 Anopheles dirus ADIR009343 I 0.000
AEPI003627 Anopheles epiroticus AEPI003627 I 0.000
AEPI005675 Anopheles epiroticus AEPI005675 I 0.000
AEPI010098 Anopheles epiroticus AEPI010098 I 0.000
AFAF006985 Anopheles farauti AFAF006985 I 0.000
AFAF007475 Anopheles farauti AFAF007475 I 0.000
AFAF009600 Anopheles farauti AFAF009600 I 0.000
AFAF013723 Anopheles farauti AFAF013723 I 0.000
AFAF019648 Anopheles farauti AFAF019648 I 0.000
AFAF020279 Anopheles farauti AFAF020279 I 0.000
Afo_R002043 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R002043 I 0.000
Afo_R002185 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R002185 I 0.000
Afo_R006276 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R006276 I 0.000
Afo_R007903 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R007903 I 0.000
Afo_R013712 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R013712 I 0.000
Afo_R014183 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R014183 I 0.000
Afo_R014568 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R014568 I 0.000
Afo_R015265 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R015265 I 0.000
Afo_R015773 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R015773 I 0.000
AFUA_3G06170 Aspergillus fumigatus CADAFUAG00005478 I 0.000
AFUA_4G10820 Aspergillus fumigatus CADAFUAG00008327 I 0.000
AFUN006011 Anopheles funestus AFUN006011 I 0.000
AFUN010200 Anopheles funestus AFUN010200 I 0.000
AFUN010751 Anopheles funestus AFUN010751 I 0.000
AGABI2DRAFT_225428 Agaricus bisporus AGABI2DRAFT_225428 I 0.000
AGAP000922 Anopheles gambiae AGAP000922 I 0.000
AGAP009957 Anopheles gambiae AGAP009957 I 0.000
AGAP010919 Anopheles gambiae AGAP010919 I 0.000
AGAP010922 Anopheles gambiae AGAP010922 I 0.000
AGAP013411 Anopheles gambiae AGAP013411 I 0.000
AGOS_AAR026W Ashbya gossypii AGOS_AAR026W I 0.000
AGOS_ADL331C Ashbya gossypii AGOS_ADL331C I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG000253.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG000253.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG000354.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG000354.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG000968.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG000968.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG002990.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG002990.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG005631.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG005631.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG008032.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG008032.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG009734.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG009734.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG010299.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG010299.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG012151.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG012151.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG018598.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG018598.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG020314.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG020314.1 I 0.000
Alligator_sinensis_CCG020392.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG020392.1 I 0.000
ALUE_0001876201 Ascaris lumbricoides ALUE_0001876201 I 0.000
AMAG_06979 Allomyces macrogynus AMAG_06979 I 0.000
AMAM014144 Anopheles maculatus AMAM014144 I 0.000
AMAM017484 Anopheles maculatus AMAM017484 I 0.000
AMAM020704 Anopheles maculatus AMAM020704 I 0.000
AMEC010127 Anopheles melas AMEC010127 I 0.000
AMEC013513 Anopheles melas AMEC013513 I 0.000
AMEC019330 Anopheles melas AMEC019330 I 0.000
AMEM005678 Anopheles merus AMEM005678 I 0.000
AMEM010647 Anopheles merus AMEM010647 I 0.000
AMEM014430 Anopheles merus AMEM014430 I 0.000
AMEM017358 Anopheles merus AMEM017358 I 0.000
AMIN003810 Anopheles minimus AMIN003810 I 0.000
AMIN006772 Anopheles minimus AMIN006772 I 0.000
AMIN009300 Anopheles minimus AMIN009300 I 0.000
ANCCAN_00149 Ancylostoma caninum ANCCAN_00149 I 0.000
ANCCAN_06681 Ancylostoma caninum ANCCAN_06681 I 0.000
ANCCAN_27356 Ancylostoma caninum ANCCAN_27356 I 0.000
ANCCEY_00070 Ancylostoma ceylanicum ANCCEY_00070 I 0.000
ANCCEY_04123 Ancylostoma ceylanicum ANCCEY_04123 I 0.000
ANCCEY_13259 Ancylostoma ceylanicum ANCCEY_13259 I 0.000
ANCCEY_13724 Ancylostoma ceylanicum ANCCEY_13724 I 0.000
ANCDUO_01350 Ancylostoma duodenale ANCDUO_01350 I 0.000
ANCDUO_05529 Ancylostoma duodenale ANCDUO_05529 I 0.000
ANCDUO_14754 Ancylostoma duodenale ANCDUO_14754 I 0.000
ANIA_01962 Aspergillus nidulans CADANIAG00008622 I 0.000
Aqu1.217790 Amphimedon queenslandica Aqu1.217790 I 0.000
Aqu1.219828 Amphimedon queenslandica Aqu1.219828 I 0.000
Aqu1.223121 Amphimedon queenslandica Aqu1.223121 I 0.000
AQUA000097 Anopheles quadriannulatus AQUA000097 I 0.000
AQUA001264 Anopheles quadriannulatus AQUA001264 I 0.000
AQUA008168 Anopheles quadriannulatus AQUA008168 I 0.000
ASIM_0000334601 Anisakis simplex ASIM_0000334601 I 0.000
ASIM_0001055601 Anisakis simplex ASIM_0001055601 I 0.000
ASIM_0001095401 Anisakis simplex ASIM_0001095401 I 0.000
ASIM_0001251801 Anisakis simplex ASIM_0001251801 I 0.000
ASIS006154 Anopheles sinensis ASIS006154 I 0.000
ASIS009345 Anopheles sinensis ASIS009345 I 0.000
ASIS010246 Anopheles sinensis ASIS010246 I 0.000
ASIS017439 Anopheles sinensis ASIS017439 I 0.000
ASIS021542 Anopheles sinensis ASIS021542 I 0.000
ASTEI00261 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI00261 I 0.000
ASTEI04016 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI04016 I 0.000
ASTEI06406 Anopheles stephensi ASTEI06406 I 0.000
ASU_00571 Ascaris suum ASU_00571 I 0.000
ASU_06035 Ascaris suum ASU_06035 I 0.000
ASU_07083 Ascaris suum ASU_07083 I 0.000
ASU_08084 Ascaris suum ASU_08084 I 0.000
ASU_10300 Ascaris suum ASU_10300 I 0.000
ATEG_03987 Aspergillus terreus CADATEAG00009198 I 0.000
AUEXF2481DRAFT_37338 Aureobasidium subglaciale AUEXF2481DRAFT_37338 I 0.000
AUEXF2481DRAFT_9186 Aureobasidium subglaciale AUEXF2481DRAFT_9186 I 0.000
A_06623 Schistosoma haematobium A_06623 I 0.000
B1H349 Xenopus tropicalis B1H349 I 0.000
BAE47507 Xenopus laevis BAE47507 I 0.000
BATDEDRAFT_7482 Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis BATDEDRAFT_7482 I 0.000
BATDEDRAFT_7668 Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis BATDEDRAFT_7668 I 0.000
BAUCODRAFT_72427 Baudoinia compniacensis BAUCODRAFT_72427 I 0.000
BBA_05443 Beauveria bassiana BBA_05443 I 0.000
Bcin09g02870 Botrytis cinerea Bcin09g02870 I 0.000
BDDG_02246 Blastomyces dermatitidis BDDG_02246 I 0.000
BGIBMGA003078 Bombyx mori BGIBMGA003078 I 0.000
BGIBMGA003079 Bombyx mori BGIBMGA003079 I 0.000
BGIBMGA010263 Bombyx mori BGIBMGA010263 I 0.000
BGLB001462 Biomphalaria glabrata BGLB001462 I 0.000
BGLB002502 Biomphalaria glabrata BGLB002502 I 0.000
BGLB002510 Biomphalaria glabrata BGLB002510 I 0.000
BGLB005462 Biomphalaria glabrata BGLB005462 I 0.000
BGLB005567 Biomphalaria glabrata BGLB005567 I 0.000
Bm2164 Brugia malayi Bm2164 I 0.000
Bm2521 Brugia malayi Bm2521 I 0.000
Bm3958 Brugia malayi Bm3958 I 0.000
Bm4896 Brugia malayi Bm4896 I 0.000
Bm5934 Brugia malayi Bm5934 I 0.000
BN7_1833 Wickerhamomyces ciferrii BN7_1833 I 0.000
BN946_scf184844.g28 Trametes cinnabarina BN946_scf184844.g28 I 0.000
BN946_scf184908.g134 Trametes cinnabarina BN946_scf184908.g134 I 0.000
BN946_scf184940.g27 Trametes cinnabarina BN946_scf184940.g27 I 0.000
BOTBODRAFT_114819 Botryobasidium botryosum BOTBODRAFT_114819 I 0.000
BOTBODRAFT_114822 Botryobasidium botryosum BOTBODRAFT_114822 I 0.000
Brh_R000892 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R000892 I 0.000
Brh_R002405 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R002405 I 0.000
Brh_R005504 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R005504 I 0.000
Brh_R008736 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R008736 I 0.000
BTMF_0001238101 Brugia timori BTMF_0001238101 I 0.000
BXY_0079600 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus BXY_0079600 I 0.000
BXY_0674500 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus BXY_0674500 I 0.000
BXY_0858500 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus BXY_0858500 I 0.000
B_00914 Schistosoma haematobium B_00914 I 0.000
CADAFLAG00002060 Aspergillus flavus CADAFLAG00002060 I 0.000
CADANGAG00004297 Aspergillus niger CADANGAG00004297 I 0.000
CAGL0D05434g Candida glabrata CAGL0D05434g I 0.000
CANTEDRAFT_136140 Candida tenuis CANTEDRAFT_136140 I 0.000
CaO19.10341 Candida albicans CaO19.10341 I 0.000
CaO19.2823 Candida albicans CaO19.2823 I 0.000
CapteG162284 Capitella teleta CapteG162284 I 0.000
CapteG175609 Capitella teleta CapteG175609 I 0.000
CapteG20216 Capitella teleta CapteG20216 I 0.000
CapteG223458 Capitella teleta CapteG223458 I 0.000
CapteG39110 Capitella teleta CapteG39110 I 0.000
CapteG39126 Capitella teleta CapteG39126 I 0.000
CapteG70604 Capitella teleta CapteG70604 I 0.000
CBG00068 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG00068 I 0.000
CBG07189 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG07189 I 0.000
CBG07572 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG07572 I 0.000
CBG12839 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG12839 I 0.000
CBG12840 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG12840 I 0.000
CBG16279 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG16279 I 0.000
CBG16696 Caenorhabditis briggsae CBG16696 I 0.000
CBN04047 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN04047 I 0.000
CBN05051 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN05051 I 0.000
CBN12314 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN12314 I 0.000
CBN17413 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN17413 I 0.000
CBN23998 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN23998 I 0.000
CBN25924 Caenorhabditis brenneri CBN25924 I 0.000
CC1G_06994 Coprinopsis cinerea CC1G_06994 I 0.000
CC1G_07470 Coprinopsis cinerea CC1G_07470 I 0.000
CC1G_13679 Coprinopsis cinerea CC1G_13679 I 0.000
CCM_04586 Cordyceps militaris CCM_04586 I 0.000
CD36_27640 Candida dubliniensis CD36_27640 I 0.000
CERSUDRAFT_118854 Ceriporiopsis subvermispora CERSUDRAFT_118854 I 0.000
CFIO01_09392 Colletotrichum fioriniae CFIO01_09392 I 0.000
Cflo_00338--XP_001122993.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_00338--XP_001122993.1_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_00339--XP_001122996.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_00339--XP_001122996.1_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_01544--XP_624175.2_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_01544--XP_624175.2_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_02448--XP_391958.3_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_02448--XP_391958.3_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_05873--XP_001121937.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_05873--XP_001121937.1_APIME I 0.000
Cflo_05874--XP_001121937.1_APIME Camponotus floridanus Cflo_05874--XP_001121937.1_APIME I 0.000
CGGC5_2884 Colletotrichum gloeosporioides CGGC5_2884 I 0.000
CGI_10003991 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10003991 I 0.000
CGI_10005643 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10005643 I 0.000
CGI_10010085 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10010085 I 0.000
CGI_10015746 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10015746 I 0.000
CGI_10018417 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10018417 I 0.000
CGI_10022931 Crassostrea gigas CGI_10022931 I 0.000
CH063_08155 Colletotrichum higginsianum CH063_08155 I 0.000
CH063_09403 Colletotrichum higginsianum CH063_09403 I 0.000
CHGG_08188 Chaetomium globosum CHGG_08188 I 0.000
CIC Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000017271 I 0.000
CIC Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000012847 I 0.000
CIC Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000007193 I 0.000
CIC Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000016806 I 0.000
CIC Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000003030 I 0.000
cic Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0262582 D 0.000
CIC Homo sapiens ENSG00000079432 I 0.000
Cic Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000056118 I 0.000
CIC Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000009044 I 0.000
CIC Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000017001 I 0.000
CIC Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000003521 I 0.000
CIC Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000000192 I 0.000
CIC Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000013873 I 0.000
cic Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-6467430 I 0.000
CIC Equus caballus ENSECAG00000011342 I 0.000
Cic Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000008822 I 0.000
CIC Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000003964 I 0.000
CIC Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000011051 I 0.000
CIC Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000004858 I 0.000
Cic Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000005442 D 0.000
CIC Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000047657 I 0.000
cica Danio rerio ENSDARG00000071150 I 0.000
cica Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000007091 I 0.000
cicb Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000009452 I 0.000
cicb Oryzias latipes ENSORLG00000013259 I 0.000
CIMG_00406 Coccidioides immitis CIMG_00406 I 0.000
CIMG_12783 Coccidioides immitis CIMG_12783 I 0.000
CJA00241 Caenorhabditis japonica CJA00241 I 0.000
CJA02543 Caenorhabditis japonica CJA02543 I 0.000
CJA07419 Caenorhabditis japonica CJA07419 I 0.000
CJA18228 Caenorhabditis japonica CJA18228 I 0.000
CLEC003268 Cimex lectularius CLEC003268 I 0.000
CLEC006963 Cimex lectularius CLEC006963 I 0.000
CMQ_1586 Grosmannia clavigera CMQ_1586 I 0.000
Cmyd_10001800 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10001800 I 0.000
Cmyd_10004714 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10004714 I 0.000
Cmyd_10008094 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10008094 I 0.000
Cmyd_10009557 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10009557 I 0.000
Cmyd_10010616 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10010616 I 0.000
Cmyd_10011105 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10011105 I 0.000
Cmyd_10011923 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10011923 I 0.000
Cmyd_10020792 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10020792 I 0.000
Cmyd_10021727 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10021727 I 0.000
CNG02110 Cryptococcus neoformans CNG02110 I 0.000
Cob_03892 Colletotrichum orbiculare Cob_03892 I 0.000
COCC4DRAFT_168040 Bipolaris maydis COCC4DRAFT_168040 I 0.000
COCCADRAFT_38231 Bipolaris zeicola COCCADRAFT_38231 I 0.000
COCMIDRAFT_87821 Bipolaris oryzae COCMIDRAFT_87821 I 0.000
COCSADRAFT_171253 Bipolaris sorokiniana COCSADRAFT_171253 I 0.000
COCVIDRAFT_34603 Bipolaris victoriae COCVIDRAFT_34603 I 0.000
CORT_0A01160 Candida orthopsilosis CORT_0A01160 I 0.000
CPAG_04451 Candida parapsilosis CPAG_04451 I 0.000
CPC735_049570 Coccidioides posadasii CPC735_049570 I 0.000
CPC735_058040 Coccidioides posadasii CPC735_058040 I 0.000
CPIJ007851 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ007851 I 0.000
CPIJ012202 Culex quinquefasciatus CPIJ012202 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ007851 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ007851 I 0.000
CpipJ_CPIJ012202 Culex pipiens CpipJ_CPIJ012202 I 0.000
CPUR_06949 Claviceps purpurea CPUR_06949 I 0.000
CRE00065 Caenorhabditis remanei CRE00065 I 0.000
CRE15388 Caenorhabditis remanei CRE15388 I 0.000
CRE24068 Caenorhabditis remanei CRE24068 I 0.000
CRE28163 Caenorhabditis remanei CRE28163 I 0.000
csin100281 Clonorchis sinensis csin100281 I 0.000
csin104163 Clonorchis sinensis csin104163 I 0.000
csin105999 Clonorchis sinensis csin105999 I 0.000
csin106380 Clonorchis sinensis csin106380 I 0.000
csin107078 Clonorchis sinensis csin107078 I 0.000
csin107154 Clonorchis sinensis csin107154 I 0.000
CTHT_0006830 Chaetomium thermophilum CTHT_0006830 I 0.000
CTRG_00834 Candida tropicalis CTRG_00834 I 0.000
CY34DRAFT_283265 Suillus luteus CY34DRAFT_283265 I 0.000
CY34DRAFT_28710 Suillus luteus CY34DRAFT_28710 I 0.000
CY34DRAFT_63457 Suillus luteus CY34DRAFT_63457 I 0.000
CY34DRAFT_797588 Suillus luteus CY34DRAFT_797588 I 0.000
CY34DRAFT_798812 Suillus luteus CY34DRAFT_798812 I 0.000
D Drosophila melanogaster FBgn0000411 D 0.000
D915_01015 Fasciola hepatica D915_01015 I 0.000
D915_02355 Fasciola hepatica D915_02355 I 0.000
D915_09544 Fasciola hepatica D915_09544 I 0.000
D917_02434 Trichinella nativa D917_02434 I 0.000
D917_03348 Trichinella nativa D917_03348 I 0.000
D917_04680 Trichinella nativa D917_04680 I 0.000
D918_02095 Trichuris suis D918_02095 I 0.000
D918_06270 Trichuris suis D918_06270 I 0.000
D918_06469 Trichuris suis D918_06469 I 0.000
D918_08135 Trichuris suis D918_08135 I 0.000
DACRYDRAFT_31804 Dacryopinax sp DACRYDRAFT_31804 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_18307 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_18307 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_35405 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_35405 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_37091 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_37091 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_37759 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_37759 I 0.000
DAPPUDRAFT_39618 Daphnia pulex DAPPUDRAFT_39618 I 0.000
DEHA2E09460g Debaryomyces hansenii DEHA2E09460g I 0.000
DICSQDRAFT_156845 Dichomitus squalens DICSQDRAFT_156845 I 0.000
DICVIV_00403 Dictyocaulus viviparus DICVIV_00403 I 0.000
DICVIV_11954 Dictyocaulus viviparus DICVIV_11954 I 0.000
DILT_0000550201 Diphyllobothrium latum DILT_0000550201 I 0.000
DILT_0001002601 Diphyllobothrium latum DILT_0001002601 I 0.000
DILT_0001026601 Diphyllobothrium latum DILT_0001026601 I 0.000
DME_0000292001 Dracunculus medinensis DME_0000292001 I 0.000
DME_0000795401 Dracunculus medinensis DME_0000795401 I 0.000
DME_0000875401 Dracunculus medinensis DME_0000875401 I 0.000
DOTSEDRAFT_67720 Dothistroma septosporum DOTSEDRAFT_67720 I 0.000
E5Q_00699 Mixia osmundae E5Q_00699 I 0.000
ECANG7_00437 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_00437 I 0.000
ECANG7_01540 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_01540 I 0.000
ECANG7_03454 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_03454 I 0.000
ECANG7_05621 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_05621 I 0.000
ECANG7_06280 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_06280 I 0.000
ECANG7_10853 Echinococcus canadensis ECANG7_10853 I 0.000
ECPE_0000207801 Echinostoma caproni ECPE_0000207801 I 0.000
ECPE_0000554101 Echinostoma caproni ECPE_0000554101 I 0.000
ECPE_0001539401 Echinostoma caproni ECPE_0001539401 I 0.000
Ecym_1257 Eremothecium cymbalariae Ecym_1257 I 0.000
Ecym_3473 Eremothecium cymbalariae Ecym_3473 I 0.000
EEL_0000273901 Elaeophora elaphi EEL_0000273901 I 0.000
EEL_0000536401 Elaeophora elaphi EEL_0000536401 I 0.000
EEL_0000601801 Elaeophora elaphi EEL_0000601801 I 0.000
EFV53909 Trichinella spiralis EFV53909 I 0.000
EFV55488 Trichinella spiralis EFV55488 I 0.000
EFV59943 Trichinella spiralis EFV59943 I 0.000
EmuJ_000226100 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000226100 I 0.000
EmuJ_000232900 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000232900 I 0.000
EmuJ_000437800 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000437800 I 0.000
EmuJ_000704700 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000704700 I 0.000
EmuJ_000848600 Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000848600 I 0.000
ENSACAG00000003013 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000003013 I 0.000
ENSACAG00000011390 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000011390 I 0.000
ENSACAG00000017977 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000017977 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000000885 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000000885 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000007508 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000007508 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000007732 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000007732 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000010234 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000010234 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000010350 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000010350 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000011029 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000011029 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000011155 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000011155 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000011673 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000011673 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000012648 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000012648 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000014001 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000014001 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000015112 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000015112 I 0.000
ENSAMEG00000016948 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000016948 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000001703 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000001703 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000002348 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000002348 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000004192 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000004192 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000006474 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000006474 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000006981 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000006981 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000009359 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000009359 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000011793 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000011793 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000012636 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000012636 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000012800 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000012800 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000014362 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000014362 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000017508 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000017508 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000017513 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000017513 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000018358 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000018358 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000018376 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000018376 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000018977 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000018977 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000019253 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000019253 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025163 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025163 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025368 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025368 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025426 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025426 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025593 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025593 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025656 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025656 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025924 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025924 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000025991 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000025991 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000026046 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000026046 I 0.000
ENSAMXG00000026062 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000026062 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000000646 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000000646 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000000828 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000000828 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000002761 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000002761 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000003238 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000003238 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000005818 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000005818 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000008744 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000008744 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000010582 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000010582 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000012667 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000012667 I 0.000
ENSAPLG00000015217 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000015217 I 0.000
ENSBTAG00000019785 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000019785 I 0.000
ENSBTAG00000046258 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000046258 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000007184-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000007184-D1 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000030420-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000030420-D1 I 0.000
ENSBTAP00000034563-D1 Bos grunniens ENSBTAP00000034563-D1 I 0.000
ENSCING00000001019 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000001019 I 0.000
ENSCING00000006005 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000006005 I 0.000
ENSCING00000007655 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000007655 I 0.000
ENSCING00000007901 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000007901 I 0.000
ENSCING00000015003 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000015003 I 0.000
ENSCING00000019315 Ciona intestinalis ENSCING00000019315 I 0.000
ENSCJAG00000022387 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000022387 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000004391 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000004391 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000010342 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000010342 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000019926 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000019926 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000020975 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000020975 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000022456 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000022456 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000024073 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000024073 I 0.000
ENSCPOG00000024123 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000024123 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000000226 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000000226 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000000291 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000000291 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000000373 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000000373 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000004389 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000004389 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000004751 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000004751 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000006842 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000006842 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000007872 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000007872 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000011393 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000011393 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000011890 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000011890 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000014423 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000014423 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000014667 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000014667 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000017460 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000017460 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000018762 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000018762 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000018883 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000018883 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000018918 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000018918 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000019105 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000019105 I 0.000
ENSCSAG00000019528 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000019528 I 0.000
ENSCSAVG00000000494 Ciona savignyi ENSCSAVG00000000494 I 0.000
ENSCSAVG00000008424 Ciona savignyi ENSCSAVG00000008424 I 0.000
ENSCSAVG00000009067 Ciona savignyi ENSCSAVG00000009067 I 0.000
ENSDNOG00000004931 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000004931 I 0.000
ENSDNOG00000032024 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000032024 I 0.000
ENSDNOG00000032973 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000032973 I 0.000
ENSDNOG00000044362 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000044362 I 0.000
ENSDNOG00000044507 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000044507 I 0.000
ENSDORG00000006502 Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000006502 I 0.000
ENSECAG00000009206 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000009206 I 0.000
ENSETEG00000007859 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000007859 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000000469 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000000469 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000000798 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000000798 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000002647 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000002647 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000006430 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000006430 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000010339 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000010339 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000011093 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000011093 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000012706 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000012706 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000013518 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000013518 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000013657 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000013657 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000014163 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000014163 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000014199 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000014199 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000014201 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000014201 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000014383 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000014383 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000014554 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000014554 I 0.000
ENSFALG00000015205 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000015205 I 0.000
ENSFCAG00000002051 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000002051 I 0.000
ENSFCAG00000012737 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000012737 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000008848 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000008848 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000013204 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000013204 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000016397 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000016397 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000026582 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000026582 I 0.000
ENSGALG00000028422 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000028422 I 0.000
ENSGGOG00000022288 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000022288 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000000863 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000000863 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000001228 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000001228 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000003535 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000003535 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000004316 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000004316 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000005167 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000005167 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000005629 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000005629 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000005898 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000005898 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000005913 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000005913 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000009040 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000009040 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000009227 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000009227 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000009261 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000009261 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000009956 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000009956 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000009990 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000009990 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000014644 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000014644 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000015623 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000015623 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000018365 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000018365 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000019777 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000019777 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000019808 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000019808 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000019987 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000019987 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000020190 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000020190 I 0.000
ENSGMOG00000020606 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000020606 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000002764 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000002764 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000003899 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000003899 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000004437 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000004437 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000004841 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000004841 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000005072 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000005072 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000005331 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000005331 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000006560 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000006560 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000006585 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000006585 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000006644 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000006644 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000007378 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000007378 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000007620 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000007620 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000008711 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000008711 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000012047 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000012047 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000014788 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000014788 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000015284 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000015284 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000016616 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000016616 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000017676 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000017676 I 0.000
ENSLACG00000018754 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000018754 I 0.000
ENSLAFG00000026855 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000026855 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000000321 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000000321 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000001820 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000001820 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000003065 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000003065 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000005401 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000005401 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000005646 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000005646 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000012498 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000012498 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000014463 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000014463 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000016760 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000016760 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000017346 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000017346 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000017402 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000017402 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000017493 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000017493 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000017783 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000017783 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000017799 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000017799 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000018008 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000018008 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000018338 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000018338 I 0.000
ENSLOCG00000018365 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000018365 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000004922 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000004922 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000005847 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000005847 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000006246 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000006246 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000008079 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000008079 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000009986 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000009986 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000010268 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000010268 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000010385 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000010385 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000011391 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000011391 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000016410 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000016410 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000016448 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000016448 I 0.000
ENSMEUG00000016625 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000016625 I 0.000
ENSMGAG00000006638 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000006638 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000000709 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000000709 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000007216 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000007216 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000008914 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000008914 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000009404 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000009404 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000014795 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000014795 I 0.000
ENSMICG00000015176 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000015176 I 0.000
ENSMLUG00000013055 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000013055 I 0.000
ENSMLUG00000016650 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000016650 I 0.000
ENSMLUG00000029313 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000029313 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000000326 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000000326 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000000675 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000000675 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000006986 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000006986 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000009344 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000009344 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000009578 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000009578 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000010180 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000010180 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000012174 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000012174 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000015560 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000015560 I 0.000
ENSMMUG00000029283 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000029283 I 0.000
ENSMODG00000008896 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000008896 I 0.000
ENSMODG00000009348 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000009348 I 0.000
ENSMODG00000013932 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000013932 I 0.000
ENSMODG00000025612 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000025612 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000001759 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000001759 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000001773 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000001773 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000004933 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000004933 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000007557 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000007557 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000009383 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000009383 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000010506 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000010506 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000011648 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000011648 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000011830 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000011830 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000011939 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000011939 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000013028 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000013028 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000013283 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000013283 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000014303 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000014303 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000015893 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000015893 I 0.000
ENSMPUG00000018663 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000018663 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000001085 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000001085 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000001795 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000001795 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000002643 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000002643 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000005036 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000005036 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000009660 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000009660 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000010614 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000010614 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000014186 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000014186 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000015013 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000015013 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000017716 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000017716 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000018830 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000018830 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000018940 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000018940 I 0.000
ENSNLEG00000019028 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000019028 I 0.000
ENSOANG00000011128 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000011128 I 0.000
ENSOANG00000013896 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000013896 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000002079 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000002079 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000005819 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000005819 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000007985 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000007985 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000009518 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000009518 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000014473 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014473 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000014598 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014598 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000014622 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014622 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000014774 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014774 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000014928 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014928 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000015598 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000015598 I 0.000
ENSOARG00000020110 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000020110 I 0.000
ENSOCUG00000006458 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000006458 I 0.000
ENSOCUG00000021286 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000021286 I 0.000
ENSOGAG00000034608 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000034608 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000000364 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000000364 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000000602 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000000602 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000004979 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000004979 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000005262 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000005262 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000005267 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000005267 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000006139 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000006139 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000006141 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000006141 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000006148 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000006148 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000008392 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000008392 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000009878 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000009878 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000013108 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000013108 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000015337 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000015337 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000015539 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000015539 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000018032 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000018032 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000018824 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000018824 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000019626 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000019626 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000019632 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000019632 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020233 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020233 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020427 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020427 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020631 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020631 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020748 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020748 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020780 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020780 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000020861 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000020861 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000021020 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000021020 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000021103 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000021103 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000021190 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000021190 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000021317 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000021317 I 0.000
ENSONIG00000021438 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000021438 I 0.000
ENSOPRG00000004437 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000004437 I 0.000
ENSP00000160740 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000160740 I 0.000
ENSP00000160740-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000160740-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000245479 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000245479 I 0.000
ENSP00000297316 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000297316 I 0.000
ENSP00000305343 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000305343 I 0.000
ENSP00000308927 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000308927 I 0.000
ENSP00000308927-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000308927-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000324948 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000324948 I 0.000
ENSP00000324948-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000324948-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000355354 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000355354 I 0.000
ENSP00000356174 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000356174 I 0.000
ENSP00000356174-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000356174-D1 I 0.000
ENSP00000372547-D4 Bos grunniens ENSP00000372547-D4 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000001811 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000001811 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000002883 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000002883 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000003891 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000003891 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000009039 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000009039 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000011265 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000011265 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000011484 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000011484 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000014880 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000014880 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000016894 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000016894 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000017685 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000017685 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000018431 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000018431 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000018736 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000018736 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000020345 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000020345 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000023962 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000023962 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000024056 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000024056 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000024134 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000024134 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000025489 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000025489 I 0.000
ENSPANG00000025558 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000025558 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000000116 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000000116 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000000148 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000000148 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000002161 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000002161 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000004694 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000004694 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000004787 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000004787 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000005249 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000005249 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000006435 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000006435 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000007860 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000007860 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000008756 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000008756 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000009155 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000009155 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000009378 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000009378 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000009961 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000009961 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000012053 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000012053 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000012067 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000012067 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000012387 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000012387 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000012609 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000012609 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000013239 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000013239 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000013867 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000013867 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000013880 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000013880 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000016231 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000016231 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000016372 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000016372 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000017723 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000017723 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000020152 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000020152 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000020565 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000020565 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000020750 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000020750 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000020878 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000020878 I 0.000
ENSPFOG00000020974 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000020974 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000006957 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000006957 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000007384 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000007384 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000009255 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000009255 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000009737 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000009737 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000010343 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000010343 I 0.000
ENSPMAG00000010355 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000010355 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000000324 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000000324 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000003459 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000003459 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000004363 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000004363 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000005446 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000005446 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000005512 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000005512 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000006937 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000006937 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000007929 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000007929 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000008583 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000008583 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000010041 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000010041 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000010870 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000010870 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000011810 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000011810 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000014135 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000014135 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000014330 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000014330 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000016272 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000016272 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000018593 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000018593 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000020784 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000020784 I 0.000
ENSPPYG00000029608 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000029608 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000000182 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000000182 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000000544 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000000544 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000000846 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000000846 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000001278 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000001278 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000002789 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000002789 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000007448 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000007448 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000007941 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000007941 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000008370 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000008370 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000009027 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000009027 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000009637 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000009637 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000013931 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000013931 I 0.000
ENSPSIG00000016802 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000016802 I 0.000
ENSPTRG00000014357 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000014357 I 0.000
ENSPVAG00000010439 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000010439 I 0.000
ENSRNOG00000051574 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000051574 I 0.000
ENSRNOG00000054335 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000054335 I 0.000
ENSRNOG00000061370 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000061370 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000001459 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000001459 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000004381 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000004381 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000006502 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000006502 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000007118 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000007118 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000007719 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000007719 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000010182 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000010182 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000011043 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000011043 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000011351 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000011351 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000012040 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000012040 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000012781 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000012781 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000016686 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000016686 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000016704 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000016704 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000017068 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000017068 I 0.000
ENSSHAG00000018176 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000018176 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000000115 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000000115 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000011656 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000011656 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000011771 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000011771 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000021364 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000021364 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000025728 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000025728 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000027044 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000027044 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000028946 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000028946 I 0.000
ENSSSCG00000030418 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000030418 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000000100 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000000100 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000000852 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000000852 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000005654 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000005654 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000008722 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000008722 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000013609 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000013609 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000015089 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000015089 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000022517 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000022517 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000025068 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000025068 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000025357 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000025357 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000025370 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000025370 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000027556 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000027556 I 0.000
ENSSTOG00000028214 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000028214 I 0.000
ENSTGUG00000002882 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000002882 I 0.000
ENSTNIG00000004906 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000004906 I 0.000
ENSTRUG00000009750 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000009750 I 0.000
ENSTRUG00000013197 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000013197 I 0.000
ENSTSYG00000007395 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000007395 I 0.000
ENSTSYG00000010391 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000010391 I 0.000
ENSVPAG00000010334 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000010334 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000001603 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000001603 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000002084 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000002084 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000002086 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000002086 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000004225 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000004225 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000004858 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000004858 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000006550 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000006550 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000006949 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000006949 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000007070 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000007070 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000008210 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000008210 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000008855 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000008855 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000009334 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000009334 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000009656 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000009656 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000012137 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000012137 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000012894 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000012894 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000017338 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000017338 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019447 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019447 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019515 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019515 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019573 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019573 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019624 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019624 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019759 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019759 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019904 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019904 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000019932 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000019932 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000020128 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000020128 I 0.000
ENSXMAG00000020179 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000020179 I 0.000
EPUS_03386 Endocarpon pusillum EPUS_03386 I 0.000
EPUS_08057 Endocarpon pusillum EPUS_08057 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_10913 Mycosphaerella fijiensis estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_10913 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_20723 Cryphonectria parasitica estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_20723 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_chr_3.10092 Pichia stipitis estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_chr_3.10092 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh2_kg.C_6920001 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_fgenesh2_kg.C_6920001 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_150134 Heterobasidion annosum estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_150134 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_1660078 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_1660078 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_4740022 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_4740022 I 0.000
estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_6920002 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_6920002 I 0.000
estExt_GenewiseH_1.C_500067 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_GenewiseH_1.C_500067 I 0.000
EURHEDRAFT_373724 Aspergillus ruber EURHEDRAFT_373724 I 0.000
EURHEDRAFT_401871 Aspergillus ruber EURHEDRAFT_401871 I 0.000
EVEC_0000011601 Enterobius vermicularis EVEC_0000011601 I 0.000
EVEC_0000364601 Enterobius vermicularis EVEC_0000364601 I 0.000
EVEC_0001194401 Enterobius vermicularis EVEC_0001194401 I 0.000
EVEC_0001232701 Enterobius vermicularis EVEC_0001232701 I 0.000
EVEC_0001269501 Enterobius vermicularis EVEC_0001269501 I 0.000
e_gw.5.674.1 Branchiostoma floridae e_gw.5.674.1 I 0.000
e_gw.50.122.1 Branchiostoma floridae e_gw.50.122.1 I 0.000
e_gw1.12.557.1 Heterobasidion annosum e_gw1.12.557.1 I 0.000
F503_06490 Ophiostoma piceae uamh F503_06490 I 0.000
FFUJ_13386 Fusarium fujikuroi FFUJ_13386 I 0.000
fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_14000043 Phanerochaete chrysosporium fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_14000043 I 0.000
fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_7000434 Phanerochaete chrysosporium fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_7000434 I 0.000
fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_35000054 Monosiga brevicollis fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_35000054 I 0.000
fgenesh1_pm.00609_#_235 Aspergillus carbonarius fgenesh1_pm.00609_#_235 I 0.000
fgenesh2_pg.scaffold_1022000007 Branchiostoma floridae fgenesh2_pg.scaffold_1022000007 I 0.000
fgenesh2_pg.scaffold_474000021 Branchiostoma floridae fgenesh2_pg.scaffold_474000021 I 0.000
fgeneshN1_pm.sca_3_chr4_2_0000013 Nectria haematococca fgeneshN1_pm.sca_3_chr4_2_0000013 I 0.000
fgeneshTM_pg.8_#_254 Tremella mesenterica fgeneshTM_pg.8_#_254 I 0.000
FGRRES_05151 Fusarium graminearum FGRRES_05151 I 0.000
FIBRA_03355 Fibroporia radiculosa FIBRA_03355 I 0.000
FOMPIDRAFT_1048193 Fomitopsis pinicola FOMPIDRAFT_1048193 I 0.000
FOMPIDRAFT_111082 Fomitopsis pinicola FOMPIDRAFT_111082 N 0.000
FOMPIDRAFT_114445 Fomitopsis pinicola FOMPIDRAFT_114445 I 0.000
FOXG_07900 Fusarium oxysporum FOXG_07900 I 0.000
FPSE_06551 Fusarium pseudograminearum FPSE_06551 I 0.000
FQ377628.1 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000100408 I 0.000
FVEG_04822 Fusarium verticillioides FVEG_04822 I 0.000
G210_0578 Candida maltosa G210_0578 I 0.000
G647_00298 Cladophialophora carrionii G647_00298 I 0.000
G647_10298 Cladophialophora carrionii G647_10298 I 0.000
GA13810 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0073845 I 0.000
GA14769 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0074796 I 0.000
GA15918 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0075934 I 0.000
GA19209 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0079206 I 0.000
GA20281 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0080276 I 0.000
GA21052 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0081040 I 0.000
GA23525 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0244926 I 0.000
GA30228 Drosophila pseudoobscura FBgn0263363 I 0.000
GALMADRAFT_137502 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_137502 N 0.000
GALMADRAFT_213842 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_213842 I 0.000
GALMADRAFT_243779 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_243779 N 0.000
GALMADRAFT_252018 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_252018 N 0.000
GALMADRAFT_33159 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_33159 I 0.000
GALMADRAFT_340474 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_340474 I 0.000
GALMADRAFT_775072 Galerina marginata GALMADRAFT_775072 I 0.000
GB41647 Apis mellifera GB41647 I 0.000
GB41695 Apis mellifera GB41695 I 0.000
GB43462 Apis mellifera GB43462 I 0.000
GB45074 Apis mellifera GB45074 I 0.000
GB45075 Apis mellifera GB45075 I 0.000
GB45076 Apis mellifera GB45076 I 0.000
GB50686 Apis mellifera GB50686 I 0.000
GB51010 Apis mellifera GB51010 I 0.000
GD12627 Drosophila simulans FBgn0184354 I 0.000
GD12629 Drosophila simulans FBgn0184356 I 0.000
GD12630 Drosophila simulans FBgn0184357 I 0.000
GD19345 Drosophila simulans FBgn0190847 I 0.000
GD21559 Drosophila simulans FBgn0192984 I 0.000
GD23563 Drosophila simulans FBgn0194941 I 0.000
GE10918 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0228750 I 0.000
GE12330 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0230081 I 0.000
GE14354 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0231966 I 0.000
GE18794 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0236180 I 0.000
GE20027 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0237352 I 0.000
GE20028 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0237353 I 0.000
GE20029 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0237354 I 0.000
GE25659 Drosophila yakuba FBgn0242721 I 0.000
gei-3 Caenorhabditis elegans WBGene00001560 D 0.000
genemark-nMf.1.1.scaf01883-processed-gene-0.2 Meloidogyne floridensis genemark-nMf.1.1.scaf01883-processed-gene-0.2 I 0.000
genemark-nMf.1.1.scaf07188-processed-gene-0.1 Meloidogyne floridensis genemark-nMf.1.1.scaf07188-processed-gene-0.1 I 0.000
GF12887 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0089921 I 0.000
GF12898 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0089932 I 0.000
GF15546 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0092571 I 0.000
GF17645 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0094663 I 0.000
GF18413 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0095431 I 0.000
GF25204 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0102196 I 0.000
GF25205 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0102197 I 0.000
GF25206 Drosophila ananassae FBgn0102198 I 0.000
Gfo_R001783 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R001783 I 0.000
Gfo_R002926 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R002926 I 0.000
Gfo_R003513 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R003513 I 0.000
Gfo_R004499 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R004499 I 0.000
Gfo_R004695 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R004695 I 0.000
Gfo_R008589 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R008589 I 0.000
Gfo_R009095 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R009095 I 0.000
Gfo_R014696 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R014696 I 0.000
GG11790 Drosophila erecta FBgn0104085 I 0.000
GG13733 Drosophila erecta FBgn0105996 I 0.000
GG13734 Drosophila erecta FBgn0105997 I 0.000
GG13735 Drosophila erecta FBgn0105998 I 0.000
GG22439 Drosophila erecta FBgn0114611 I 0.000
GG22917 Drosophila erecta FBgn0115074 I 0.000
GG23823 Drosophila erecta FBgn0115962 I 0.000
GG25303 Drosophila erecta FBgn0117424 I 0.000
GGTG_01301 Gaeumannomyces graminis GGTG_01301 I 0.000
GGTG_04596 Gaeumannomyces graminis GGTG_04596 I 0.000
GH13864 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0121340 I 0.000
GH13971 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0121447 I 0.000
GH16344 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0123815 I 0.000
GH16347 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0123818 I 0.000
GH20045 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0127509 I 0.000
GH23608 Drosophila grimshawi FBgn0131065 I 0.000
GI11536 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0134296 I 0.000
GI11537 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0134297 I 0.000
GI11538 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0134298 I 0.000
GI17415 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0140159 I 0.000
GI20453 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0143189 I 0.000
GI20689 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0143424 I 0.000
GI22315 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0145043 I 0.000
GI22721 Drosophila mojavensis FBgn0145448 I 0.000
GJ10502 Drosophila virilis FBgn0197782 I 0.000
GJ11555 Drosophila virilis FBgn0198813 I 0.000
GJ11556 Drosophila virilis FBgn0198814 I 0.000
GJ11557 Drosophila virilis FBgn0198815 I 0.000
GJ18351 Drosophila virilis FBgn0205510 I 0.000
GJ21897 Drosophila virilis FBgn0209014 I 0.000
GJ22304 Drosophila virilis FBgn0209417 I 0.000
GJ23448 Drosophila virilis FBgn0210547 I 0.000
GK10637 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0212650 I 0.000
GK10919 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0212930 I 0.000
GK17143 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0219142 I 0.000
GK17144 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0219143 I 0.000
GK17145 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0219144 I 0.000
GK21748 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0223733 I 0.000
GK22609 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0224586 I 0.000
GK24531 Drosophila willistoni FBgn0226491 I 0.000
GL11646 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0149255 I 0.000
GL12097 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0149705 I 0.000
GL13537 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0151142 I 0.000
GL17288 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0154891 I 0.000
GL24831 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0162419 I 0.000
GL24833 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0162421 I 0.000
GL25564 Drosophila persimilis FBgn0163148 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_204670 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_204670 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_25061 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_25061 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_26890 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_26890 N 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_44046 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_44046 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_44333 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_44333 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_46580 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_46580 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_47422 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_47422 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_47877 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_47877 N 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_49297 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_49297 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_50485 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_50485 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_51431 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_51431 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_52776 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_52776 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_60750 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_60750 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_61497 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_61497 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_75094 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_75094 I 0.000
GLOINDRAFT_81724 Rhizophagus irregularis GLOINDRAFT_81724 I 0.000
GLOTRDRAFT_98119 Gloeophyllum trabeum GLOTRDRAFT_98119 I 0.000
GLRG_08663 Colletotrichum graminicola GLRG_08663 I 0.000
GM12920 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0167852 I 0.000
GM16076 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0170992 I 0.000
GM17140 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0172051 I 0.000
GM20225 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0175108 I 0.000
GM23104 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0177972 I 0.000
GM24555 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0179418 I 0.000
GM24556 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0179419 I 0.000
GM24557 Drosophila sechellia FBgn0179420 I 0.000
GMDG_03362 Pseudogymnoascus destructans GMDG_03362 I 0.000
GNLVRS01_PISO0K11912g Millerozyma farinosa GNLVRS01_PISO0K11912g I 0.000
GNLVRS01_PISO0L11913g Millerozyma farinosa GNLVRS01_PISO0L11913g I 0.000
GPLIN_001023700 Globodera pallida GPLIN_001023700 I 0.000
GPLIN_001384100 Globodera pallida GPLIN_001384100 I 0.000
GPUH_0000032701 Gongylonema pulchrum GPUH_0000032701 I 0.000
GPUH_0001224801 Gongylonema pulchrum GPUH_0001224801 I 0.000
GPUH_0001530801 Gongylonema pulchrum GPUH_0001530801 I 0.000
GSTUM_00001090001 Tuber melanosporum GSTUM_00001090001 I 0.000
GSTUM_00008644001 Tuber melanosporum GSTUM_00008644001 I 0.000
gw.394.63.1 Branchiostoma floridae gw.394.63.1 I 0.000
gw.448.64.1 Branchiostoma floridae gw.448.64.1 I 0.000
gw.46.292.1 Branchiostoma floridae gw.46.292.1 I 0.000
gw1.15.231.1 Heterobasidion annosum gw1.15.231.1 I 0.000
gw1.41.85.1 Phycomyces blakesleeanus gw1.41.85.1 I 0.000
GYMLUDRAFT_162520 Gymnopus luxurians GYMLUDRAFT_162520 I 0.000
GYMLUDRAFT_85036 Gymnopus luxurians GYMLUDRAFT_85036 I 0.000
H072_9576 Dactylellina haptotyla H072_9576 I 0.000
H101_00568 Trichophyton interdigitale H101_00568 I 0.000
H101_01550 Trichophyton interdigitale H101_01550 I 0.000
Hba_18941 Heterorhabditis bacteriophora Hba_18941 I 0.000
HCBG_03464 Histoplasma capsulatum HCBG_03464 I 0.000
HCBG_03514 Histoplasma capsulatum HCBG_03514 I 0.000
HCBG_05263 Histoplasma capsulatum HCBG_05263 I 0.000
HCOI00443800 Haemonchus contortus HCOI00443800 I 0.000
HCOI00604400 Haemonchus contortus HCOI00604400 I 0.000
HDID_0000038501 Hymenolepis diminuta HDID_0000038501 I 0.000
HDID_0000236901 Hymenolepis diminuta HDID_0000236901 I 0.000
HDID_0000757301 Hymenolepis diminuta HDID_0000757301 I 0.000
HDID_0000870801 Hymenolepis diminuta HDID_0000870801 I 0.000
HelroG147226 Helobdella robusta HelroG147226 I 0.000
HelroG147528 Helobdella robusta HelroG147528 I 0.000
HelroG148195 Helobdella robusta HelroG148195 I 0.000
HelroG153186 Helobdella robusta HelroG153186 I 0.000
HelroG153189 Helobdella robusta HelroG153189 I 0.000
HelroG153194 Helobdella robusta HelroG153194 I 0.000
HelroG153549 Helobdella robusta HelroG153549 I 0.000
HelroG70896 Helobdella robusta HelroG70896 I 0.000
HelroG72976 Helobdella robusta HelroG72976 I 0.000
HelroG74924 Helobdella robusta HelroG74924 I 0.000
HelroG77188 Helobdella robusta HelroG77188 I 0.000
HelroG78096 Helobdella robusta HelroG78096 I 0.000
HETIRDRAFT_18754 Heterobasidion irregulare HETIRDRAFT_18754 I 0.000
HETIRDRAFT_444436 Heterobasidion irregulare HETIRDRAFT_444436 I 0.000
HETIRDRAFT_55525 Heterobasidion irregulare HETIRDRAFT_55525 I 0.000
HHAL000065-PA Halyomorpha halys HHAL000065-PA I 0.000
HHAL004464-PA Halyomorpha halys HHAL004464-PA I 0.000
HHAL004700-PA Halyomorpha halys HHAL004700-PA I 0.000
HMEL002856 Heliconius melpomene HMEL002856 I 0.000
HMEL002857 Heliconius melpomene HMEL002857 I 0.000
HMEL003506 Heliconius melpomene HMEL003506 I 0.000
HMEL011417 Heliconius melpomene HMEL011417 I 0.000
HMEL013301 Heliconius melpomene HMEL013301 I 0.000
HmN_000097600 Hymenolepis microstoma HmN_000097600 I 0.000
HmN_000494900 Hymenolepis microstoma HmN_000494900 I 0.000
HmN_000627700 Hymenolepis microstoma HmN_000627700 I 0.000
HmN_000874900 Hymenolepis microstoma HmN_000874900 I 0.000
HMPREF1120_05727 Exophiala dermatitidis HMPREF1120_05727 I 0.000
HMPREF1120_08862 Exophiala dermatitidis HMPREF1120_08862 I 0.000
HNAJ_0000181101 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0000181101 I 0.000
HNAJ_0000734901 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0000734901 I 0.000
HNAJ_0000973701 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0000973701 I 0.000
HNAJ_0001105001 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0001105001 I 0.000
HNAJ_0001340201 Hymenolepis nana HNAJ_0001340201 I 0.000
HPBE_0000723401 Heligmosomoides bakeri HPBE_0000723401 I 0.000
HPBE_0001182701 Heligmosomoides bakeri HPBE_0001182701 I 0.000
HPLM_0000355101 Haemonchus placei HPLM_0000355101 I 0.000
HPLM_0001401901 Haemonchus placei HPLM_0001401901 I 0.000
HPLM_0001473301 Haemonchus placei HPLM_0001473301 I 0.000
HPODL_00225 Ogataea parapolymorpha HPODL_00225 I 0.000
Hsal_04291--XP_001121956.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_04291--XP_001121956.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_04292--XP_001121937.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_04292--XP_001121937.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_04294--XP_001121910.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_04294--XP_001121910.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_04829--XP_001122996.1_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_04829--XP_001122996.1_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_06119--XP_391958.3_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_06119--XP_391958.3_APIME I 0.000
Hsal_08911--XP_624175.2_APIME Harpegnathos saltator Hsal_08911--XP_624175.2_APIME I 0.000
HYDPIDRAFT_170519 Hydnomerulius pinastri HYDPIDRAFT_170519 I 0.000
ISCW000242 Ixodes scapularis ISCW000242 I 0.000
ISCW006248 Ixodes scapularis ISCW006248 I 0.000
ISCW007308 Ixodes scapularis ISCW007308 I 0.000
ISCW023383 Ixodes scapularis ISCW023383 I 0.000
JAAARDRAFT_117714 Jaapia argillacea JAAARDRAFT_117714 I 0.000
JAAARDRAFT_33297 Jaapia argillacea JAAARDRAFT_33297 I 0.000
JAAARDRAFT_62109 Jaapia argillacea JAAARDRAFT_62109 I 0.000
JAAARDRAFT_93880 Jaapia argillacea JAAARDRAFT_93880 I 0.000
JL09_g4172 Pichia kudriavzevii JL09_g4172 I 0.000
K437DRAFT_265905 Tilletiaria anomala K437DRAFT_265905 I 0.000
K443DRAFT_126059 Laccaria amethystina K443DRAFT_126059 N 0.000
K443DRAFT_126060 Laccaria amethystina K443DRAFT_126060 I 0.000
K443DRAFT_250430 Laccaria amethystina K443DRAFT_250430 I 0.000
KAFR_0G02830 Kazachstania africana KAFR_0G02830 I 0.000
KAFR_0H00950 Kazachstania africana KAFR_0H00950 I 0.000
KGM_02459 Danaus plexippus KGM_02459 I 0.000
KGM_03273 Danaus plexippus KGM_03273 I 0.000
KGM_14720 Danaus plexippus KGM_14720 I 0.000
KGM_16941 Danaus plexippus KGM_16941 I 0.000