S1FA3 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF04689 (S1FA) IPR006779 AT3G09735 T321340_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out
NCBI Gene Info:
Encodes a zinc finger domain containing protein that is expressed in the shoot/root apex and vasculature, and acts with FRI to repress flowering.FES1 mutants in a Col(FRI+) background will flower early under inductive conditions.

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
(Direct) (Direct)

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.700 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
AT3G09735.1 S1FA 8 73


Other S1FA family TFs
Other Arabidopsis thaliana TFs

73 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
29805.m001471 Ricinus communis 29805.m001471 I 0.727
AMTR_s00052p00202630 Amborella trichopoda AMTR_s00052p00202630 I 0.727
Aquca_027_00077 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_027_00077 I 0.727
S1FA2 Arabidopsis thaliana AT2G37120 I 0.773
S1FA1 Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G53370 I 0.794
Bo00703s130 Brassica oleracea Bo00703s130 I 0.742
Bo00703s150 Brassica oleracea Bo00703s150 I 0.742
Bo1g144300 Brassica oleracea Bo1g144300 I 0.939
Bo3g061880 Brassica oleracea Bo3g061880 I 0.924
Bo5g138130 Brassica oleracea Bo5g138130 I 0.955
Bo6g067310 Brassica oleracea Bo6g067310 I 0.758
Bostr.11793s0058 Boechera stricta Bostr.11793s0058 I 0.727
Bostr.22252s0094 Boechera stricta Bostr.22252s0094 I 0.970
Bostr.23794s0377 Boechera stricta Bostr.23794s0377 I 0.742
Bra003132 Brassica rapa Bra003132 I 0.758
Bra006994 Brassica rapa Bra006994 I 0.727
Bra029784 Brassica rapa Bra029784 I 0.970
Bra034084 Brassica rapa Bra034084 I 0.939
Bra039779 Brassica rapa Bra039779 I 0.727
Cagra.0612s0062 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0612s0062 I 0.742
Cagra.0666s0032 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0666s0032 I 0.742
Cagra.2515s0064 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.2515s0064 I 0.955
Carubv10015035m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10015035m.g I 0.970
Carubv10018341m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10018341m.g I 0.742
Carubv10025429m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10025429m.g I 0.742
cassava45931.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava45931.m1 I 0.712
Ca_12027 Cicer arietinum Ca_12027 I 0.727
Ca_12028 Cicer arietinum Ca_12028 I 0.712
chr1.CM0033.550.nc Lotus japonicus chr1.CM0033.550.nc I 0.773
Ciclev10013218m.g Citrus clementina Ciclev10013218m.g I 0.758
Cla018106 Citrullus lanatus Cla018106 I 0.742
Cla018556 Citrullus lanatus Cla018556 I 0.712
Cucsa.124240 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.124240 I 0.727
Cucsa.307040 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.307040 I 0.758
Eucgr.A01168 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.A01168 I 0.712
evm.TU.supercontig_638.2 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_638.2 I 0.773
fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_5001425 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_5001425 I 0.773
fgenesh2_kg.3__997__AT3G09735.1 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh2_kg.3__997__AT3G09735.1 I 0.984
GLYMA03G33640 Glycine max GLYMA03G33640 I 0.788
GLYMA10G05790 Glycine max GLYMA10G05790 I 0.773
GLYMA13G20160 Glycine max GLYMA13G20160 I 0.758
GLYMA19G36350 Glycine max GLYMA19G36350 I 0.788
Gorai.002G249300 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.002G249300 I 0.803
Gorai.006G168100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.006G168100 I 0.773
Gorai.009G419300 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.009G419300 I 0.788
GSMUA_Achr10G13120_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr10G13120_001 I 0.727
LPERR04G08410 Leersia perrieri LPERR04G08410 I 0.742
Lus10015073.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10015073.g I 0.727
Lus10023177.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10023177.g I 0.727
mgf000337m Mimulus guttatus mgf000337m I 0.742
mgf004062m Mimulus guttatus mgf004062m I 0.773
MTR_7g100880 Medicago truncatula MTR_7g100880 I 0.773
MTR_7g100890 Medicago truncatula MTR_7g100890 I 0.758
MTR_7g100905 Medicago truncatula MTR_7g100905 I 0.788
OB04G18770 Oryza brachyantha OB04G18770 I 0.727
OB04G18780 Oryza brachyantha OB04G18780 I 0.712
orange1.1g044991m.g Citrus sinensis orange1.1g044991m.g I 0.758
PGSC0003DMG400001772 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400001772 I 0.758
PGSC0003DMG400020934 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400020934 I 0.742
PGSC0003DMG401017590 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG401017590 I 0.727
PK08477.1 Cannabis sativa PK08477.1 I 0.758
POPTR_0006s13230 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0006s13230 I 0.803
POPTR_0016s08890 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0016s08890 I 0.818
SapurV1A.0112s0080 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0112s0080 I 0.788
SapurV1A.0209s0130 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0209s0130 I 0.818
scaffold_402348.1 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_402348.1 I 0.758
Solyc09g007500.2 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc09g007500.2 I 0.773
TCM_022113 Theobroma cacao TCM_022113 I 0.773
Thhalv10010878m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10010878m.g I 0.727
Thhalv10017496m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10017496m.g I 0.727
Thhalv10021874m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10021874m.g I 0.939
VIT_06s0004g03160 Vitis vinifera VIT_06s0004g03160 I 0.742
VIT_08s0040g02220 Vitis vinifera VIT_08s0040g02220 I 0.712