HHAL002088-PA (Halyomorpha halys)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source
PF00505 (HMG_box) IPR000910 HHAL002088-PA T334843_2.00 Misc (2018-Jan-19)
NCBI Gene Info:
This gene encodes a tumor suppressor protein containing transcriptional activation, DNA binding, and oligomerization domains. The encoded protein responds to diverse cellular stresses to regulate expression of target genes, thereby inducing cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, senescence, DNA repair, or changes in metabolism. Mutations in this gene are associated with a variety of human cancers, including hereditary cancers such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Alternative splicing of this gene and the use of alternate promoters result in multiple transcript variants and isoforms. Additional isoforms have also been shown to result from the use of alternate translation initiation codons from identical transcript variants (PMIDs: 12032546, 20937277). [provided by RefSeq, Dec 2016]

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No TFs with similar DNA binding domains

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
HHAL002088-PA Sox 82 150


Other Sox family TFs
Other Halyomorpha halys TFs

158 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
27763.m000042 Ricinus communis 27763.m000042 I 0.000
30128.m008730 Ricinus communis 30128.m008730 I 0.000
AMTR_s00024p00224850 Amborella trichopoda AMTR_s00024p00224850 I 0.000
Aquca_015_00085 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_015_00085 I 0.000
Aquca_015_00088 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_015_00088 I 0.000
Aquca_015_00090 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_015_00090 I 0.000
Aquca_047_00006 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_047_00006 I 0.000
ATMYB90 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_201358.1 I 0.000
Bo6g099880 Brassica oleracea Bo6g099880 I 0.000
Bo6g100940 Brassica oleracea Bo6g100940 I 0.000
Bostr.26959s0279 Boechera stricta Bostr.26959s0279 I 0.000
Bra001917 Brassica rapa Bra001917 I 0.000
Bra004162 Brassica rapa Bra004162 I 0.000
Bra039763 Brassica rapa Bra039763 I 0.000
Cagra.0463s0006 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0463s0006 I 0.000
Cagra.0463s0007 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0463s0007 I 0.000
Cagra.0463s0008 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.0463s0008 I 0.000
Cagra.2400s0001 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.2400s0001 I 0.000
Cagra.2629s0007 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.2629s0007 I 0.000
Carubv10020856m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10020856m.g I 0.000
Carubv10020888m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10020888m.g I 0.000
Carubv10022245m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10022245m.g N 0.000
cassava36364.valid.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava36364.valid.m1 I 0.000
Ca_03154 Cicer arietinum Ca_03154 I 0.000
Ca_19630 Cicer arietinum Ca_19630 I 0.000
Ca_22078 Cicer arietinum Ca_22078 I 0.000
chr1.CM0141.350.nd Lotus japonicus chr1.CM0141.350.nd I 0.000
chr1.LjT44L17.240.nd Lotus japonicus chr1.LjT44L17.240.nd I 0.000
Ciclev10013455m.g Citrus clementina Ciclev10013455m.g I 0.000
Cucsa.277570 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.277570 I 0.000
Eucgr.C00722 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.C00722 I 0.000
Eucgr.F02842 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.F02842 I 0.000
Eucgr.H04157 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.H04157 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01553 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01553 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01555 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01555 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01569 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01569 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01573 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01573 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01574 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01574 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01576 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01576 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01578 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01578 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01580 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01580 I 0.000
Eucgr.J01586 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.J01586 I 0.000
evm.TU.contig_42663.2 Carica papaya evm.TU.contig_42663.2 I 0.000
evm.TU.supercontig_116.38 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_116.38 I 0.000
evm.TU.supercontig_2742.1 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_2742.1 I 0.000
evm.TU.supercontig_51.67 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_51.67 I 0.000
fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_2000950 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_2000950 I 0.000
gene31413-v1.0-hybrid Fragaria vesca gene31413-v1.0-hybrid I 0.000
GLYMA07G16980 Glycine max GLYMA07G16980 I 0.000
GLYMA09G36966 Glycine max GLYMA09G36966 I 0.000
GLYMA09G37010 Glycine max GLYMA09G37010 I 0.000
GLYMA18G41520 Glycine max GLYMA18G41520 I 0.000
GLYMA18G49670 Glycine max GLYMA18G49670 I 0.000
GLYMA18G49690 Glycine max GLYMA18G49690 I 0.000
GLYMA19G02980 Glycine max GLYMA19G02980 I 0.000
Gorai.001G020400 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.001G020400 I 0.000
Gorai.001G020600 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.001G020600 I 0.000
Gorai.001G087200 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.001G087200 I 0.000
Gorai.001G087400 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.001G087400 I 0.000
Gorai.007G268800 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.007G268800 I 0.000
Gorai.013G118300 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.013G118300 I 0.000
GSMUA_Achr3G07940_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr3G07940_001 I 0.000
Lus10003277.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10003277.g I 0.000
Lus10009129.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10009129.g I 0.000
Lus10009130.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10009130.g I 0.000
Lus10028513.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10028513.g I 0.000
Lus10028514.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10028514.g I 0.000
Lus10042522.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10042522.g I 0.000
MDP0000192051 Malus domestica MDP0000192051 I 0.000
MDP0000478453 Malus domestica MDP0000478453 I 0.000
mgf019317m Mimulus guttatus mgf019317m I 0.000
mgf022565m Mimulus guttatus mgf022565m I 0.000
MTR_0001s0360 Medicago truncatula MTR_0001s0360 I 0.000
MTR_0193s0090 Medicago truncatula MTR_0193s0090 I 0.000
MTR_0197s0010 Medicago truncatula MTR_0197s0010 I 0.000
MTR_0247s0040 Medicago truncatula MTR_0247s0040 I 0.000
MTR_4g125520 Medicago truncatula MTR_4g125520 I 0.000
MTR_5g078800 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g078800 I 0.000
MTR_5g078860 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g078860 I 0.000
MTR_5g078910 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g078910 I 0.000
MTR_5g078930 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g078930 I 0.000
MTR_5g078950 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g078950 I 0.000
MTR_5g079120 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g079120 I 0.000
MTR_5g079220 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g079220 I 0.000
MTR_5g079290 Medicago truncatula MTR_5g079290 I 0.000
MTR_7g017260 Medicago truncatula MTR_7g017260 I 0.000
MTR_8g060940 Medicago truncatula MTR_8g060940 I 0.000
MYB113 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G66370 D 0.000
MYB113 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh2_kg.2__869__AT1G66370.1 I 0.000
MYB114 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G66380 I 0.000
MYB75 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G56650 I 0.000
MYB90 Arabidopsis thaliana AT1G66390 I 0.000
ORGLA03G0196700 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA03G0196700 I 0.000
PAP1 Arabidopsis lyrata fgenesh2_kg.1__4777__AT1G56650.1 I 0.000
PDK_20s1447601g001 Phoenix dactylifera PDK_20s1447601g001 I 0.000
PDK_20s1554342g001 Phoenix dactylifera PDK_20s1554342g001 I 0.000
PK05760.1 Cannabis sativa PK05760.1 I 0.000
PK17827.1 Cannabis sativa PK17827.1 I 0.000
Pm025429 Prunus mume Pm025429 I 0.000
Pm027047 Prunus mume Pm027047 I 0.000
Pm029440 Prunus mume Pm029440 I 0.000
Pm029442 Prunus mume Pm029442 I 0.000
Pm029445 Prunus mume Pm029445 I 0.000
Pm031337 Prunus mume Pm031337 I 0.000
POPTR_0005s14450 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0005s14450 I 0.000
POPTR_0005s14460 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0005s14460 I 0.000
POPTR_0005s14470 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0005s14470 I 0.000
POPTR_0005s14480 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0005s14480 I 0.000
POPTR_0005s14490 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0005s14490 I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa010069mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa010069mg I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa016711mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa016711mg I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa020385mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa020385mg I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa023812mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa023812mg I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa024074mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa024074mg I 0.000
PRUPE_ppa026640mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa026640mg I 0.000
SapurV1A.0230s0240 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0230s0240 I 0.000
SapurV1A.0230s0250 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0230s0250 I 0.000
SapurV1A.0230s0260 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0230s0260 I 0.000
Sb01g032770 Sorghum bicolor Sb01g032770 I 0.000
scaffold_201356.1 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_201356.1 I 0.000
scaffold_201357.1 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_201357.1 I 0.000
Si038905m.g Setaria italica Si038905m.g I 0.000
Solyc10g086250.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc10g086250.1 I 0.000
Solyc10g086260.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc10g086260.1 I 0.000
Solyc10g086270.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc10g086270.1 I 0.000
Solyc10g086290.1 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc10g086290.1 I 0.000
TCM_019192 Theobroma cacao TCM_019192 I 0.000
TCM_026054 Theobroma cacao TCM_026054 I 0.000
TCM_037559 Theobroma cacao TCM_037559 I 0.000
Thhalv10019041m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10019041m.g I 0.000
VIT_02s0033g00390 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0033g00390 I 0.000
VIT_02s0033g00400 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0033g00400 I 0.000
VIT_02s0033g00410 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0033g00410 I 0.000
VIT_02s0033g00430 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0033g00430 I 0.000
VIT_02s0033g00450 Vitis vinifera VIT_02s0033g00450 I 0.000
VIT_04s0008g01810 Vitis vinifera VIT_04s0008g01810 I 0.000
VIT_14s0006g01280 Vitis vinifera VIT_14s0006g01280 I 0.000
VIT_14s0006g01290 Vitis vinifera VIT_14s0006g01290 I 0.000
VIT_14s0006g01340 Vitis vinifera VIT_14s0006g01340 I 0.000