PTRG_03860 (Pyrenophora triticirepentis)
Zinc cluster

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00172 (Zn_clus) IPR001138 PTRG_03860 T379534_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No TFs with similar DNA binding domains

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
EDU46698 Zinc cluster 9 45


Other Zinc cluster family TFs
Other Pyrenophora triticirepentis TFs

8 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
Gorai.006G132100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.006G132100 N 0.000
Gorai.009G157100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.009G157100 N 0.000
Gorai.009G284300 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.009G284300 N 0.000
Gorai.010G132200 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G132200 N 0.000
Gorai.010G132400 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G132400 N 0.000
Gorai.010G132700 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G132700 N 0.000
Gorai.010G132800 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G132800 N 0.000
Gorai.010G132900 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G132900 N 0.000
Gorai.010G133000 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G133000 N 0.000
Gorai.010G133100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G133100 N 0.000
Gorai.010G133300 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.010G133300 N 0.000
Gorai.011G158700 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.011G158700 N 0.000
Gorai.011G158800 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.011G158800 N 0.000
Gorai.012G147900 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.012G147900 N 0.000
Gorai.012G148000 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.012G148000 N 0.000
Gorai.N018000 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.N018000 N 0.000
POPTR_0001s25850 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0001s25850 N 0.000