CisBP Update Log

  • Build 0.90 This build contains the data used in the associated publication (Weirauch et al., Cell 2014).

  • Build 1.00 This build was "recalled" because it was pointed out that many of the motifs we included from the latest version of Transfac were based on purely computational predictions, which is in direct conflict with our definition of a "Directly" determined motif (Direct motifs must be obtained from an experimental assay).

  • Build 1.01 This is the first “official” build of the database (released on October 28, 2014).
    • Additions to this build:
      1. Incorporation of TF binding motifs from the HOCOMOCO database (
      2. Update to the latest version of Transfac
      3. Update to the latest version of JASPAR
    • Data updates for this build:
      1. Inferences are now included based on data from Jolma et al. Cell, 2013
      2. Several minor bug fixes relating to mappings of motifs to proper TF isoforms, multi-DBD TFs, etc.

  • Build 1.02 This build adds PBM experiments for 129 C. elegans TFs from (Narasimhan et al., eLife 2015) and motifs derived from modENCODE ChIP-seq experiments taken from (Boyle et al., Nature 2014). The motif inferences have also been updated.