ENSSTOG00000019904 (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00096 (zf-C2H2) IPR007087 ENSSTOG00000019904 T110810_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Mus musculus Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.827 1.000
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.755 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
ENSSTOP00000020030 C2H2 ZF 331 353
ENSSTOP00000020030 C2H2 ZF 358 380


Other C2H2 ZF family TFs
Other Ictidomys tridecemlineatus TFs

120 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
Aan_R013848 Calypte anna Aan_R013848 I 0.827
Aan_R015566 Calypte anna Aan_R015566 I 0.798
Afo_R000157 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R000157 I 0.827
Afo_R010797 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R010797 I 0.798
Alligator_sinensis_CCG021121.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG021121.1 I 0.798
Brh_R001745 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R001745 I 0.827
Brh_R009468 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R009468 I 0.798
Cmyd_10011034 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10011034 I 0.798
Cmyd_10014086 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10014086 I 0.827
BNC2 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000017743 I 0.798
ENSAMEG00000012362 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000012362 I 0.798
ENSAMEG00000014505 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000014505 I 0.827
ENSAMXG00000015422 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000015422 I 0.774
ENSAPLG00000005793 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000005793 I 0.827
ENSAPLG00000008295 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000008295 I 0.798
BNC1 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000015462 I 0.827
BNC2 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000001562 I 0.798
BNC1 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000013219 I 0.827
BNC2 Choloepus hoffmanni ENSCHOG00000006932 I 0.798
BNC2 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000012578 I 0.798
BNC1 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000015761 I 0.827
BNC2 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000006163 I 0.798
BNC1 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000009045 I 0.827
ENSCSAG00000009282 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000009282 I 0.798
ENSCSAG00000017303 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000017303 I 0.827
bnc2 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000069989 I 0.768
BNC1 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000010537 I 0.822
ENSDNOG00000040600 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000040600 I 0.798
Bnc1 Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000001268 I 0.827
Bnc2 Dipodomys ordii ENSDORG00000008840 I 0.798
BNC1 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000017409 I 0.827
BNC2 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000017503 I 0.798
BNC2 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000002527 I 0.798
BNC1 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000013292 I 0.827
BNC2 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000004420 I 0.798
BNC1 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000005529 I 0.827
ENSFALG00000003044 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000003044 I 0.798
ENSFALG00000011147 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000011147 I 0.827
BNC1 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000004847 I 0.827
BNC2 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000027700 I 0.798
BNC1 Homo sapiens ENSG00000169594 I 0.827
BNC2 Homo sapiens ENSG00000173068 I 0.798
bnc2 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000017398 I 0.768
BNC1 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000006041 I 0.827
BNC2 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000015101 I 0.798
BNC2 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000004532 I 0.798
BNC1 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000006610 I 0.827
ENSLACG00000017528 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000017528 I 0.797
BNC2 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000000476 I 0.798
BNC1 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000000536 I 0.827
ENSLOCG00000011896 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000011896 I 0.774
ENSLOCG00000012902 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000012902 I 0.798
ENSMEUG00000012369 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000012369 I 0.827
ENSMEUG00000016184 Macropus eugenii ENSMEUG00000016184 I 0.798
BNC1 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000007844 I 0.827
BNC1 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000015019 I 0.827
BNC2 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000004109 I 0.798
BNC1 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000014956 I 0.827
BNC2 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000001141 I 0.798
BNC1 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000008188 I 0.827
BNC2 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000014900 I 0.798
BNC1 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000019380 I 0.827
ENSMPUG00000004030 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000004030 I 0.798
ENSMPUG00000015509 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000015509 I 0.827
Bnc1 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000025105 D 0.827
Bnc2 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000028487 I 0.798
ENSNLEG00000010826 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000010826 I 0.827
ENSNLEG00000017578 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000017578 I 0.798
ENSOANG00000004079 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000004079 I 0.827
BNC2 Ornithorhynchus anatinus ENSOANG00000012860 I 0.798
ENSOARG00000014059 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014059 I 0.798
ENSOARG00000014185 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000014185 I 0.827
BNC1 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000000136 I 0.827
BNC2 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000004460 I 0.798
BNC2 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000001628 I 0.798
BNC1 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000012148 I 0.827
BNC2 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000012145 I 0.798
BNC1 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000012498 I 0.827
ENSP00000307041 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000307041 I 0.827
ENSP00000307041-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000307041-D1 I 0.827
ENSP00000370047 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000370047 I 0.798
ENSP00000370047-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000370047-D1 I 0.798
ENSPANG00000015607 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000015607 I 0.827
ENSPANG00000025234 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000025234 I 0.798
BNC2 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000000849 I 0.798
ENSPMAG00000002267 Petromyzon marinus ENSPMAG00000002267 I 0.822
ENSPPYG00000019203 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000019203 I 0.798
ENSPSIG00000007268 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000007268 I 0.827
ENSPSIG00000018240 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000018240 I 0.798
BNC1 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000007392 I 0.827
BNC2 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000020789 I 0.798
BNC1 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000008256 I 0.827
BNC2 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000015905 I 0.798
Bnc2 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000006553 I 0.798
Bnc1 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000019770 I 0.827
BNC2 Sorex araneus ENSSARG00000012472 I 0.798
ENSSHAG00000018273 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000018273 I 0.827
BNC1 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000001798 I 0.827
BNC2 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000005180 I 0.798
ENSSSCG00000025613 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000025613 I 0.798
ENSSTOG00000011561 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000011561 I 0.798
BNC1 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000009591 I 0.827
BNC2 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000004482 I 0.798
BNC1 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000007753 I 0.827
ENSTSYG00000004934 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000004934 I 0.827
ENSTSYG00000007392 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000007392 I 0.798
BNC1 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000004952 I 0.827
BNC2 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000013676 I 0.798
BNC1 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000004601 I 0.827
Gfo_R001923 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R001923 I 0.798
Gfo_R004238 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R004238 I 0.827
Myotis_brandtii_BNC1_10013186 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_BNC1_10013186 I 0.827
Myotis_brandtii_BNC2_10027298 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_BNC2_10027298 I 0.798
Ogr06244 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr06244 I 0.827
Pvit_01426 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_01426 I 0.798
Pvit_13632 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_13632 I 0.827
Tal_R005923 Tyto alba Tal_R005923 I 0.798
Tal_R008092 Tyto alba Tal_R008092 I 0.827
bnc1 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-1217655 I 0.784
bnc2 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-953157 I 0.798