Tbx22 (Rattus norvegicus)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00907 (T-box) IPR001699 ENSRNOG00000002346 T340423_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out
NCBI Gene Info:
human homolog is mutated in patients with the X-linked cleft palate with ankyloglossia; may play a role in craniofacial development [RGD, Feb 2006]

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
No direct experiments

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Homo sapiens Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.865 0.896
Homo sapiens

Yin et al.(2017)
0.834 0.720
Homo sapiens Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.834 0.720
Homo sapiens

Yin et al.(2017)
0.834 0.720
Homo sapiens

Jolma et al.(2013)
0.833 0.709
Homo sapiens

Jolma et al.(2013)
0.833 0.709
Homo sapiens

Yin et al.(2017)
0.833 0.709
Homo sapiens Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.833 0.709
Homo sapiens Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.833 0.709
Homo sapiens

Yin et al.(2017)
0.833 0.709
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.734 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
ENSRNOP00000003190 T-box 92 281
ENSRNOP00000069154 T-box 78 267


Other T-box family TFs
Other Rattus norvegicus TFs

171 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
ENSAMEG00000005830 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000005830 I 0.897
ENSAMEG00000008160 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000008160 I 0.833
ENSAMEG00000015853 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ENSAMEG00000015853 I 0.834
Alligator_sinensis_CCG015231.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG015231.1 I 0.834
Alligator_sinensis_CCG012713.1 Alligator sinensis Alligator_sinensis_CCG012713.1 I 0.833
ENSAPLG00000009645 Anas platyrhynchos ENSAPLG00000009645 I 0.833
TBX18 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000003859 I 0.834
TBX15 Anolis carolinensis ENSACAG00000008131 I 0.833
Afo_R005490 Aptenodytes forsteri Afo_R005490 I 0.833
ENSAMXG00000005724 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000005724 I 0.833
ENSAMXG00000004418 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000004418 I 0.843
ENSAMXG00000013612 Astyanax mexicanus ENSAMXG00000013612 I 0.875
ENSP00000358437-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000358437-D1 I 0.833
ENSP00000362390-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000362390-D1 I 0.883
ENSP00000358677-D1 Bos grunniens ENSP00000358677-D1 I 0.819
TBX22 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000048060 I 0.883
TBX18 Bos taurus ENSBTAG00000018161 I 0.819
e_gw.418.20.1 Branchiostoma floridae e_gw.418.20.1 I 0.819
estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_1050030 Branchiostoma floridae estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_1050030 I 0.819
Brh_R004487 Buceros rhinoceros Brh_R004487 I 0.833
TBX22 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000009617 I 0.848
TBX18 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000015218 I 0.834
TBX15 Callithrix jacchus ENSCJAG00000005662 I 0.833
Aan_R004737 Calypte anna Aan_R004737 I 0.861
Aan_R013329 Calypte anna Aan_R013329 I 0.833
Aan_R001146 Calypte anna Aan_R001146 I 0.834
TBX18 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000002987 I 0.834
TBX15 Canis familiaris ENSCAFG00000009976 I 0.833
ENSCPOG00000008004 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000008004 I 0.826
TBX15 Cavia porcellus ENSCPOG00000000615 I 0.833
Cmyd_10014386 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10014386 I 0.834
Cmyd_10007257 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10007257 I 0.864
Cmyd_10005629 Chelonia mydas Cmyd_10005629 I 0.833
ENSCSAG00000001712 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000001712 I 0.833
ENSCSAG00000010713 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000010713 I 0.881
ENSCSAG00000017375 Chlorocebus sabaeus ENSCSAG00000017375 I 0.834
tbx22 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000091748 I 0.834
tbx18 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000036930 I 0.846
tbx15 Danio rerio ENSDARG00000002582 I 0.833
TBX18 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000049259 I 0.834
TBX15 Dasypus novemcinctus ENSDNOG00000003930 I 0.833
TBX18 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000006457 I 0.834
TBX22 Echinops telfairi ENSETEG00000006623 I 0.869
TBX15 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000023325 I 0.833
TBX22 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000014426 I 0.869
TBX18 Equus caballus ENSECAG00000005787 I 0.834
TBX15 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000003919 I 0.833
TBX18 Erinaceus europaeus ENSEEUG00000013766 I 0.834
TBX18 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000012657 I 0.834
TBX22 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000002301 I 0.897
TBX15 Felis catus ENSFCAG00000023731 I 0.833
ENSFALG00000002783 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000002783 I 0.834
ENSFALG00000005042 Ficedula albicollis ENSFALG00000005042 I 0.833
ENSGMOG00000003658 Gadus morhua ENSGMOG00000003658 I 0.828
TBX22 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000004093 I 0.861
ENSGALG00000015834 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000015834 I 0.834
ENSGALG00000014776 Gallus gallus ENSGALG00000014776 I 0.833
tbx18 Gasterosteus aculeatus ENSGACG00000005602 I 0.839
Gfo_R005492 Geospiza fortis Gfo_R005492 I 0.834
TBX15 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000013468 I 0.833
TBX18 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000027982 I 0.834
TBX22 Gorilla gorilla ENSGGOG00000008990 I 0.865
TBX22 Homo sapiens ENSG00000122145 D 0.865
TBX15 Homo sapiens ENSG00000092607 D 0.833
TBX18 Homo sapiens ENSG00000112837 D 0.834
ENSSTOG00000013040 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000013040 I 0.833
ENSSTOG00000020544 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000020544 I 0.834
ENSSTOG00000003725 Ictidomys tridecemlineatus ENSSTOG00000003725 I 0.897
ENSLACG00000006381 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000006381 I 0.871
ENSLACG00000015964 Latimeria chalumnae ENSLACG00000015964 I 0.828
ENSLOCG00000014991 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000014991 I 0.878
ENSLOCG00000016254 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000016254 I 0.831
ENSLOCG00000011023 Lepisosteus oculatus ENSLOCG00000011023 I 0.833
TBX15 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000018452 I 0.833
TBX22 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000001881 I 0.897
TBX18 Loxodonta africana ENSLAFG00000015009 I 0.834
ENSP00000358677 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000358677 I 0.834
ENSP00000362390 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000362390 I 0.881
ENSP00000358437 Macaca fascicularis ENSP00000358437 I 0.833
TBX15 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000009257 I 0.833
TBX18 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000010599 I 0.834
TBX22 Macaca mulatta ENSMMUG00000009102 I 0.881
TBX18 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000013715 I 0.790
TBX15 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000014235 I 0.833
TBX22 Meleagris gallopavo ENSMGAG00000001700 I 0.861
TBX22 Microcebus murinus ENSMICG00000009019 I 0.881
TBX22 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000004255 I 0.865
TBX18 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000018361 I 0.834
TBX15 Monodelphis domestica ENSMODG00000005319 I 0.833
ENSMPUG00000012619 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000012619 I 0.874
ENSMPUG00000001549 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000001549 I 0.833
ENSMPUG00000005346 Mustela putorius furo ENSMPUG00000005346 I 0.834
Tbx22 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000031241 I 0.916
Tbx15 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000027868 I 0.833
Tbx18 Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000032419 I 0.834
Myotis_brandtii_TBX18_10024963 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_TBX18_10024963 I 0.834
Myotis_brandtii_Tbx15_10011211 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_Tbx15_10011211 I 0.833
Myotis_brandtii_Tbx22_10010932 Myotis brandtii Myotis_brandtii_Tbx22_10010932 I 0.888
TBX18 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000011326 I 0.834
TBX15 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000002958 I 0.833
TBX22 Myotis lucifugus ENSMLUG00000016826 I 0.888
NEMVEDRAFT_v1g88753 Nematostella vectensis NEMVEDRAFT_v1g88753 I 0.781
ENSNLEG00000002116 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000002116 I 0.881
ENSNLEG00000012797 Nomascus leucogenys ENSNLEG00000012797 I 0.834
TBX15 Ochotona princeps ENSOPRG00000004847 I 0.833
Ogr10944 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr10944 I 0.834
Ogr03354 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr03354 I 0.859
Ogr00863 Ophisaurus gracilis Ogr00863 I 0.833
ENSONIG00000017642 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000017642 I 0.845
ENSONIG00000001051 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000001051 I 0.826
ENSONIG00000015685 Oreochromis niloticus ENSONIG00000015685 I 0.833
TBX15 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000012320 I 0.833
TBX22 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000013685 I 0.897
TBX18 Oryctolagus cuniculus ENSOCUG00000002026 I 0.834
TBX15 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000007282 I 0.833
TBX18 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000004300 I 0.834
TBX22 Otolemur garnettii ENSOGAG00000002759 I 0.781
ENSOARG00000000455 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000000455 I 0.856
ENSOARG00000013317 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000013317 I 0.819
ENSOARG00000020376 Ovis aries ENSOARG00000020376 I 0.833
TBX18 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000018390 I 0.834
TBX22 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000022058 I 0.865
TBX15 Pan troglodytes ENSPTRG00000001172 I 0.833
ENSPANG00000004604 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000004604 I 0.833
ENSPANG00000025094 Papio anubis ENSPANG00000025094 I 0.880
ENSPSIG00000013362 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000013362 I 0.834
ENSPSIG00000017560 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000017560 I 0.833
ENSPSIG00000005286 Pelodiscus sinensis ENSPSIG00000005286 I 0.877
ENSPFOG00000018033 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000018033 I 0.818
ENSPFOG00000003081 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000003081 I 0.846
ENSPFOG00000000670 Poecilia formosa ENSPFOG00000000670 I 0.839
Pvit_12384 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_12384 I 0.759
Pvit_04496 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_04496 I 0.833
Pvit_09354 Pogona vitticeps Pvit_09354 I 0.834
ENSPPYG00000020504 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000020504 I 0.862
ENSPPYG00000000968 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000000968 I 0.833
ENSPPYG00000016815 Pongo abelii ENSPPYG00000016815 I 0.834
TBX15 Procavia capensis ENSPCAG00000016333 I 0.806
TBX22 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000008832 I 0.876
TBX15 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000015733 I 0.833
TBX18 Pteropus vampyrus ENSPVAG00000016771 I 0.834
Tbx15 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000019565 I 0.833
Tbx18 Rattus norvegicus ENSRNOG00000010685 I 0.819
ENSSHAG00000012785 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000012785 I 0.833
ENSSHAG00000010820 Sarcophilus harrisii ENSSHAG00000010820 I 0.834
ENSSARG00000007424 Sorex araneus ENSSARG00000007424 I 0.833
TBX18 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000004290 I 0.834
TBX22 Sus scrofa ENSSSCG00000012449 I 0.894
TBX18 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000012504 I 0.834
TBX22 Taeniopygia guttata ENSTGUG00000002573 I 0.801
TBX22 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000010801 I 0.845
tbx15 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000003945 I 0.833
tbx18 Takifugu rubripes ENSTRUG00000001419 I 0.839
ENSTSYG00000007267 Tarsius syrichta ENSTSYG00000007267 I 0.878
tbx18 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000009690 I 0.839
tbx15 Tetraodon nigroviridis ENSTNIG00000015660 I 0.833
TBX22 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000010144 I 0.881
TBX18 Tupaia belangeri ENSTBEG00000007925 I 0.834
TBX18 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000005713 I 0.834
TBX15 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000011006 I 0.833
TBX22 Tursiops truncatus ENSTTRG00000014058 I 0.892
Tal_R000620 Tyto alba Tal_R000620 I 0.789
ENSVPAG00000010265 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000010265 I 0.833
TBX18 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000006869 I 0.834
TBX22 Vicugna pacos ENSVPAG00000011942 I 0.891
tbx15 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-483924 I 0.845
tbx18 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-489907 I 0.834
tbx22 Xenopus tropicalis XB-GENE-994522 I 0.876
ENSXMAG00000010831 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000010831 I 0.830
ENSXMAG00000015062 Xiphophorus maculatus ENSXMAG00000015062 I 0.818