HY5 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

TF Information

Pfam ID Interpro ID Gene ID CIS-BP ID Sequence source Animal TF db
PF00170 (bZIP_1) IPR011616 AT5G11260 T056924_2.00 Ensembl (2018-Dec-8) Link out
NCBI Gene Info:
Basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor. Nuclear localization. Involved in light-regulated transcriptional activation of G-box-containing promoters. Negatively regulated by Cop1. Although cytokinins do not appear to affect the gene's promoter activity, they appear to stabilize the protein. HY5 plays a role in anthocyanin accumulation in far-red light and blue light, but not in red light or in the dark. Mutant studies showed that the gene product is involved in the positive regulation of the PHYA-mediated inhibition of hypocotyl elongation. Binds to G- and Z-boxes, and other ACEs, but not to E-box. Loss of function mutation shows ABA resistant seedling phenotypes suggesting involvement for HY5 in mediating ABA responses. Binds to the promoter of ABI5 and regulates its expression.

Directly determined binding motifs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Arabidopsis thaliana

OMalley et al.(2016)
(Direct) (Direct)
Arabidopsis thaliana

Mathelier et al.(2014)
(Direct) (Direct)
Arabidopsis thaliana Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
(Direct) (Direct)

Motifs from related TFs

Name/Motif ID Species Forward Reverse Type/Study/Study ID SR
Glycine max Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.831 0.841
Glycine max Transfac license required
Transfac license required
Matys et al.(2006)
0.831 0.841
For this family, TFs with SR scores > 0.782 will likely have a similar motif

DNA Binding Domains

Protein ID Domain From To Sequence
AT5G11260.1 bZIP 86 150
AT5G11260.2 bZIP 86 148


Other bZIP family TFs
Other Arabidopsis thaliana TFs

104 Related TFs

Name Species Gene ID Motif Evidence SR
29848.m004650 Ricinus communis 29848.m004650 I 0.857
Aquca_001_00822 Aquilegia coerulea Aquca_001_00822 I 0.857
BGIOSGA002286 Oryza indica BGIOSGA002286 I 0.796
BGIOSGA006916 Oryza indica BGIOSGA006916 I 0.857
BGIOSGA023213 Oryza indica BGIOSGA023213 I 0.824
Bo2g010330 Brassica oleracea Bo2g010330 I 0.850
Bo9g171430 Brassica oleracea Bo9g171430 I 0.850
Bostr.23997s0021 Boechera stricta Bostr.23997s0021 I 0.857
Bostr.29827s0269 Boechera stricta Bostr.29827s0269 I 0.818
Bra008976 Brassica rapa Bra008976 I 0.850
Bra023317 Brassica rapa Bra023317 I 0.850
BRADI1G36750 Brachypodium distachyon BRADI1G36750 I 0.828
BRADI3G07540 Brachypodium distachyon BRADI3G07540 I 0.857
Cagra.7526s0027 Capsella grandiflora Cagra.7526s0027 I 0.857
Carubv10003520m.g Capsella rubella Carubv10003520m.g I 0.830
cassava8163.valid.m1 Manihot esculenta cassava8163.valid.m1 I 0.857
Ca_21380 Cicer arietinum Ca_21380 I 0.857
Ca_22618 Cicer arietinum Ca_22618 I 0.795
chr6.LjT14A08.90.nd Lotus japonicus chr6.LjT14A08.90.nd I 0.845
Ciclev10009720m.g Citrus clementina Ciclev10009720m.g I 0.857
Cla021273 Citrullus lanatus Cla021273 I 0.836
Cla022656 Citrullus lanatus Cla022656 I 0.857
Cucsa.162360 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.162360 I 0.857
Cucsa.310450 Cucumis sativus Cucsa.310450 I 0.839
Eucgr.B02198 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.B02198 I 0.790
Eucgr.C02802 Eucalyptus grandis Eucgr.C02802 I 0.857
EuGene.0200010492 Micromonas sp RCC299 EuGene.0200010492 I 0.829
evm.TU.supercontig_115.9 Carica papaya evm.TU.supercontig_115.9 I 0.857
e_gw1.80.85.1 Physcomitrella patens e_gw1.80.85.1 I 0.850
F775_05429 Aegilops tauschii F775_05429 I 0.811
gene11666-v1.0-hybrid Fragaria vesca gene11666-v1.0-hybrid I 0.857
GLYMA08G41450 Glycine max GLYMA08G41450 I 0.857
GLYMA18G14750 Glycine max GLYMA18G14750 I 0.857
Gorai.004G274100 Gossypium raimondii Gorai.004G274100 I 0.845
GRMZM2G137046 Zea mays GRMZM2G137046 I 0.848
GRMZM2G140355 Zea mays GRMZM2G140355 I 0.839
GSMUA_Achr10G27050_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr10G27050_001 I 0.857
GSMUA_Achr5G06060_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr5G06060_001 I 0.857
GSMUA_Achr6G05280_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr6G05280_001 I 0.811
GSMUA_Achr7G09980_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr7G09980_001 I 0.854
GSMUA_Achr9G28570_001 Musa acuminata GSMUA_Achr9G28570_001 I 0.838
LjB12O06.40.nc Lotus japonicus LjB12O06.40.nc I 0.845
LPERR02G06800 Leersia perrieri LPERR02G06800 I 0.811
LPERR06G16860 Leersia perrieri LPERR06G16860 I 0.811
Lus10002028.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10002028.g I 0.838
Lus10002900.g Linum usitatissimum Lus10002900.g I 0.857
MDP0000264514 Malus domestica MDP0000264514 I 0.857
MDP0000586302 Malus domestica MDP0000586302 I 0.857
mgf012104m Mimulus guttatus mgf012104m I 0.845
mgf014305m Mimulus guttatus mgf014305m I 0.850
MTR_3g436010 Medicago truncatula MTR_3g436010 I 0.857
MTR_7g057160 Medicago truncatula MTR_7g057160 I 0.791
OB02G17160 Oryza brachyantha OB02G17160 I 0.857
OBART02G07840 Oryza barthii OBART02G07840 I 0.826
OBART06G20230 Oryza barthii OBART06G20230 I 0.824
OBART06G20240 Oryza barthii OBART06G20240 I 0.788
OGLUM02G07920 Oryza glumaepatula OGLUM02G07920 I 0.857
OGLUM06G21280 Oryza glumaepatula OGLUM06G21280 I 0.824
OLONG_013539 Oryza longistaminata OLONG_013539 I 0.788
OLONG_023968 Oryza longistaminata OLONG_023968 I 0.811
OMERI06G20830 Oryza meridionalis OMERI06G20830 I 0.824
ONIVA02G09400 Oryza nivara ONIVA02G09400 I 0.857
OPUNC02G07060 Oryza punctata OPUNC02G07060 I 0.857
OPUNC06G18440 Oryza punctata OPUNC06G18440 I 0.824
orange1.1g030957m.g Citrus sinensis orange1.1g030957m.g I 0.857
ORGLA02G0074000 Oryza glaberrima ORGLA02G0074000 I 0.857
ORUFI03G26360 Oryza rufipogon ORUFI03G26360 I 0.826
OS02G0203000 Oryza sativa OS02G0203000 I 0.857
OS06G0601500 Oryza sativa OS06G0601500 I 0.788
Pavir.Aa02966 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Aa02966 I 0.848
Pavir.Ab00856 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Ab00856 I 0.789
Pavir.Da00549 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Da00549 I 0.839
Pavir.Db01231 Panicum virgatum Pavir.Db01231 I 0.839
PGSC0003DMG401020784 Solanum tuberosum PGSC0003DMG401020784 I 0.857
PK17235.1 Cannabis sativa PK17235.1 I 0.857
Pm007163 Prunus mume Pm007163 I 0.787
POPTR_0006s26800 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0006s26800 I 0.857
POPTR_0018s01530 Populus trichocarpa POPTR_0018s01530 I 0.857
PRUPE_ppa011967mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa011967mg I 0.787
PRUPE_ppa012064mg Prunus persica PRUPE_ppa012064mg I 0.857
Q39895_SOYBN Glycine max Q39895_SOYBN D 0.857
SapurV1A.0043s0530 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0043s0530 I 0.839
SapurV1A.0073s0400 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.0073s0400 I 0.854
SapurV1A.3812s0010 Salix purpurea SapurV1A.3812s0010 I 0.823
SAR_estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_20674 Micromonas pusilla SAR_estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_20674 I 0.819
Sb04g007060 Sorghum bicolor Sb04g007060 I 0.848
Sb10g023420 Sorghum bicolor Sb10g023420 I 0.839
HY5 Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_601144.1 I 0.857
SELMODRAFT_173274 Selaginella moellendorffii SELMODRAFT_173274 I 0.833
SELMODRAFT_440988 Selaginella moellendorffii SELMODRAFT_440988 I 0.833
SELMODRAFT_451326 Selaginella moellendorffii SELMODRAFT_451326 I 0.833
SELMODRAFT_451330 Selaginella moellendorffii SELMODRAFT_451330 I 0.833
Si018524m.g Setaria italica Si018524m.g I 0.848
Solyc08g061130.2 Solanum lycopersicum Solyc08g061130.2 I 0.857
TCM_038392 Theobroma cacao TCM_038392 I 0.845
Thhalv10004860m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10004860m.g I 0.857
Thhalv10014851m.g Eutrema salsugineum Thhalv10014851m.g I 0.861
Traes_6AS_AFF47E71C Triticum aestivum Traes_6AS_AFF47E71C I 0.811
Traes_6BS_993CBD840 Triticum aestivum Traes_6BS_993CBD840 I 0.857
Traes_6DS_F8DFD036F Triticum aestivum Traes_6DS_F8DFD036F I 0.796
Traes_7DL_68B814464 Triticum aestivum Traes_7DL_68B814464 I 0.818
TRIUR3_25965 Triticum urartu TRIUR3_25965 I 0.796
HY5 Vitis vinifera VIT_04s0008g05210 I 0.857